Never Burn Your Buns

This ancient, murderous, mustachioed sea-demon dragon has been summoned by bad_bunny, who is likely going to use his powers to, I don’t know, destroy a castle, or perhaps steal a bejeweled sword? Probably one of those. And as if such dragon-summoning prowess is not impressive enough, bad_bunny has also been known to perform now and then with both Allen Falkner and CoRE, doing suspensiony things. Watch her handle a chain, after the jump.

(Backpiece — which is 95 per cent finished — by Scott Silvia at Black Heart Tattoos in San Francisco, California.)

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26 thoughts on “Never Burn Your Buns

  1. Wow, amazing!

    I also find it interesting that she could wear a one piece bathing suit and you’d probably never know it was there. But, why she would do that? I don’t know…

  2. That chick is awesome! the revolver scarification and the sick back piece She is officially Rad….. the fake tan reminds me of greased up bodybuilders at competition, maybe it was just for the photo shoot?

  3. her backpiece is absolutely amazing..and I love the scarification six-shooter combined with the tattooed garter..awesome.

  4. ummm….. *MINE* she is so stunning, the copper body paint makes her look like a goddess! I dont even have words for her back piece, just amazing.

  5. that’s one of my favourite scarifications I’ve ever seen and I’m not usually a huge fan. Love her hair too bright hair colour is the greatest.

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