Rescue Ourselves From Ourselves

Well, folks, it’s time to bring to a close the world-famous “Impromptu Zoo” day on BME’s ModBlog. Rounding out the efforts today is this great leg-piece on Harm, featuring man’s best friend (a dog) engaged in an epic battle with, by far, the greatest threat currently facing the human race (a dragon). You know who wins when someone gets a fantastic tattoo of a dog fighting a dragon? We all do. We all do.

Fare thee well, ModBloggers. Until tomorrow.

(Tattoo by Sascha Sevic at Dragon Tattoo in Eidhoven, The Netherlands.)

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Never Burn Your Buns

This ancient, murderous, mustachioed sea-demon dragon has been summoned by bad_bunny, who is likely going to use his powers to, I don’t know, destroy a castle, or perhaps steal a bejeweled sword? Probably one of those. And as if such dragon-summoning prowess is not impressive enough, bad_bunny has also been known to perform now and then with both Allen Falkner and CoRE, doing suspensiony things. Watch her handle a chain, after the jump.

(Backpiece — which is 95 per cent finished — by Scott Silvia at Black Heart Tattoos in San Francisco, California.)

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