Shocks of Adversity

Fun fact: This hand cutting is on none other than founding father George Washington, and was done by Ryan from Precision Body Arts in Nashua, New Hampshire, using nothing but a no. 11 scalpel and what can be referred to as a “rather simple” time machine. Hey, the more you know.

55 thoughts on “Shocks of Adversity

  1. I’ve always loved this idea, but for all the wrong reasons (low self-esteem!). It’s nice to see it executed (hopefully in a more positive light), I was wondering how long it would take until someone would do it.

  2. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time and am glad to see someone has done it. I’d like to see how it heals.

  3. “I was about to say, isn’t that from a movie!?”

    NO! It’s from a book. :D

    And I lurrrrrrrrrve it!

  4. I totally knew exactly where that was from when I seen it! I am a Harry Potter nerd myself…I have a tattoo of the hogwarts crest on my leg.

  5. Fuck he stole my idea.

    I really wanted this already for so long but in holland its hard to find a scarrification artist.

    Shit now i am angry

    its looking good anyways

  6. this is fucking awesome! love the harry potter reference but the only problem is it is in the wrong spot. The writing is supposed to be straight along the outside of the hand, not crossing over the hand. this is fucking awesome regardless.

  7. I half expected to see that out and about when I actually got to see that last Harry Potter movie. (I never did read the books. I feel like such a bad nerd.) I must say, I didn’t expect someone to be able to do the detail that well. Too bad I have no clue who does scarification here, ’cause this makes me wanna get mine.

  8. id hate to be a harry potter geek but when he got that scar its totally on his right hand
    sry dude

  9. Ahahah.
    I’m not a huge HP fan but this is awesome.
    That scene gives me the creeps.

  10. to P: yes, but wouldn’t the quill cause the scarring on different hands dependent on the users dominancy?

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