The Very Same Pit Still Yawns

Mike writes in about some scrotum-tightening guerilla suspension antics in Toronto’s High Park last week:

We threw hooks in my living room and headed out via car to High Park. I drove with the hooks in my back already attached to the rig. We hiked into High Park at about 8 p.m. or so and found our spot with the nice tree. Jon had to rig it all by himself while I helped him with the gear. We wanted to rig it so as not to have any footprints in the snow under where I would hang. We got it all rigged, I hooked the rig up to the rope system and shimmied out across the rope system so as not to mark the snow and dropped off. I wore basically all the warm clothes I own so that i could stay warm long enough to get off the ground on the hooks, and then I stripped it all off down to my “short shorts.” The hang was only a minute or two long — my fingers went numb first and then my toes — and then I dropped down and got dressed real quick. It was snowing and around -5 degrees Celsius and maybe -9 or -10 with the windchill.

More photos, all by Chris, after the jump.

14 thoughts on “The Very Same Pit Still Yawns

  1. awesome suspension
    also, this guy is much more of a man than me. I need to wear a sweater with a coat on top in the harsh greater toronto area winter

  2. It’s great to see these up. It was a fun time. Next time we will have more preparation and more lighting equipment so that the pictures will be even better! :)

  3. Beautiful! I’ve wanted to do a suspension in the snow…my problem is just that I really don’t like it. haha…not a great idea to live in Michigan then, eh?

  4. Oooo :) This reminds me of the first scene in the new vampire movie from Sweden. Let the Right One In.

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