Ocean Beach Pier Guerrilla Suspension

The Ocean Beach Pier in San Diego is the largest concrete pier on the West Coast, extending almost two thousand feet into an often epic ocean, the kind of misty scene that deserves a soundtrack fit for a moon landing. Third Eye Perception Flesh Suspension (thirdeyeperception.com; who you may remember for the baby-bouncing superman) chose this modern yet primal landscape as the site for an ideal guerrilla suspension. If you like the picture, don’t miss the video.


The Very Same Pit Still Yawns

Mike writes in about some scrotum-tightening guerilla suspension antics in Toronto’s High Park last week:

We threw hooks in my living room and headed out via car to High Park. I drove with the hooks in my back already attached to the rig. We hiked into High Park at about 8 p.m. or so and found our spot with the nice tree. Jon had to rig it all by himself while I helped him with the gear. We wanted to rig it so as not to have any footprints in the snow under where I would hang. We got it all rigged, I hooked the rig up to the rope system and shimmied out across the rope system so as not to mark the snow and dropped off. I wore basically all the warm clothes I own so that i could stay warm long enough to get off the ground on the hooks, and then I stripped it all off down to my “short shorts.” The hang was only a minute or two long — my fingers went numb first and then my toes — and then I dropped down and got dressed real quick. It was snowing and around -5 degrees Celsius and maybe -9 or -10 with the windchill.

More photos, all by Chris, after the jump.