Sweet Relief

Ahh, now this is a nice salve after all the rapey bits before. This here is blackroses sporting her brand new BME tattoo! After the jump, a picture of her with her tattoo artist, Jane, plus a bonus photo of babasom showing some BME love as well.

22 thoughts on “Sweet Relief

  1. haha
    babasom somewhat reminds me of the late kids television show Mr Squiggle
    *the man on the moon* hehe.

  2. Awww that’s lovely….and babasom is my new springy hero hah :)
    I love those zombie swallows on blackroses’ chest piece – kreepsville ftw!

  3. How about some quality tattoos…

    & Maybe a little less BME advertising, we are already here.

  4. “How about some quality tattoos”

    I couldn’t agree more. I miss when Roo posted.

  5. People are never happy. Because when Roo posts people say “I miss Shannon” and now that Jordan is posting here come the “I miss Roo.”

    I’m not going to say that Shannon didn’t post AMAZING things on here and kept us entertained, but they’re doing their best. How about giving the bitching a rest?

    Because its just getting old.

    You people couldn’t do better.

    How about the asshole who complain all the time contribute some “quality” images or their amazing tattoos and mods eh?

  6. I totally agree with #5 and 6.

    Though I do miss Shannon of course, but I think these guys are doing a great job getting a little of everything, and deserve alot of credit!

  7. hmm yeh its not really my cup of bourbon and cola but i guess its good to see a range of stuff.
    i agree about bitching. it doesnt hurt to see a tattoo you dont like or dont think is good- theres bound to be heaps of people out there who do like it.

  8. I say this impartially, and not bitchingly – regardless of who is choosing the photos for submission, it cannot be denied that there has been a lack of really top quality tattoos posted on Modblog lately [unless they come out of Swastika Freakshop....], and a whole lotta bad ones ‘for lolz’. And I seriously doubt that is for lack of people submitting beautiful work, Colie.

  9. I just think that comments should be disabled. Let’s think about this for a moment.

    Aside from a very few enterprising folks who are here to learn more from those who have experienced these procedures first-hand (and who could probably just rely on the wealth of information located elsewhere on BME) the comments here are pretty much all variations of “I like it”, “I don’t like it”, and “I don’t like people who don’t like it”. Stale.

    If people have a need to throw bricks, bats and bouquets, make them a forum (or direct them to any suitable substitute, of which there are a few). Get rid of the comments and you’ll solve the majority of ModBlog’s perennial problems.

  10. Is anyone else reminded of Majora’s Mask by that BME heart?

    And oh man oh man is that septum spring fanatstically goofy. Always good to have fun.

  11. I would LOVE to see her getting a sparkly anchor piercing in each of her two “dots” in her tattoo ;D
    That would be rad as hell ;D Nice colors by the way :)

  12. @ Number 11

    Getting rid of comments wouldnt help imo, infact I think it would make modblog much worse. Personally I like reading peoples comments and I think posts would be missing something without them, its always nice to know what other people think and sometimes, just sometimes there is alot of great info to be found and conversation to be had.

  13. i always liked this logo and this one is done better than most of the logo tats. i mean no disrespect but why is it that so many of the bme logo tats are poorly executed? you would think that someone who cares so much about body mod that they would get the logo of a leading mods magazine tatted on them would be able to find a good tat artist. it just bugs me a bit.

  14. @ 02: they will be coloured in, hopefully in march – and all will coordinate with the heart!!

    @ 14: i am seriously concidering it!!

    and can i just say i have never been in so much freakin pain than when i had this done! if i could have pushed myself through the tattoo bed i would have done!!!!!

  15. #3/sunny

    I think this IS a quality tattoo, it all looks very clean and even, the colors look great…I think it’s a good tattoo. Perhaps it’s a different style than you like but it’s still a good tattoo.

  16. I’m sure what I’m about to say is going to sound really mean but people submit a lot of crap. The average person still gets BAD TATTOOS. If we start pointing it out, the only thing that’s going to happen is alienating the community. I’ve been trying to educate people on the difference between good and bad (technically speaking, not conceptually) and all it does is get me branded with a “tattoo snob” label.

    I had started a series a long time ago rating and reviewing people’s tattoos. After the first one, even though I included a photoshop rendering on how to “fix” the tattoo, the subject who specifically submitted for the review, was very upset about being told he had a bad tattoo.

    Modblog is basically for entertainment purposes. That’s what these kinds of blogs are about. It’s not meant to be more than a “picture of the day” kind of thing. The new BME will have a lot more flexibility in being able to show people “GOOD” tattoos versus “BAD”.

    And as much as I would love for comments to be disabled, they’re not going to be.

  17. Rachel, problem is alot of people will not admit to having a bad tattoo- to them all their tattoos are “good” and they become very defensive when someone says anything otherwise.

    and now im a little more awake, @ 3 {Sunny}, thank for saying my tattoo is not quality work (I will take that as a personal offence) i personally believe my tattooist did an amazing job, especially as i gave her free reign over it.

    And finally, what is a business (and lets face it BME is a business) without advertising?? every good business needs advertising, and to be quite frank you didn’t NEED to look if you didn’t want to see “more” advertising, which you knew it would be from the main picture for the post!

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