A Children’s Treasury of Offensive Tattoos

Mike has been featured on ModBlog before on account of being in possession of some of the most patently offensive (and awesome?) tattoos in the land. Well, he’s added some more to the collection, so I thought, Hey, it’s been at least a few seconds since someone posted to the last wondrous flamewar, what the hell. The one up top is by Painless J at Marlowe Ink in Fairfax, Virginia. Says Mike of the piece: “Don’t take this the wrong way, I really do love and respect them.” No doubt!

Painless J did the honors on this one as well, to which Mike adds: “I’ve gotten my redwings so many times I should be able to fly by now.” Hey, that was my twelfth-grade yearbook quote! Biter.

And now, perhaps the most indefensibly tasteless tattoo I have ever seen, after the jump.

This was committed by Mikey Cheese, who was presumably admitted into witness protection immediately afterward, at Hot Rod Tattoo in Galloway, New Jersey. I’m going to go take a long, hot shower.

77 thoughts on “A Children’s Treasury of Offensive Tattoos

  1. wow hahaha i respect all body modification but…
    naw. props man its your life and i hope you have fun living it
    gutsy to say the least

  2. I agree with Scab….
    and I’m most definitely (and indirectly) going to start something here…

    But I HATE jokes about “tramp stamps” I think it’s one of the most vulgar terms having to do with body modification. I think of the location as a place to get a tattoo in a place that is almost always hidden… wouldn’t someone, like a tramp get a signifier somewhere else?

    I have a “tramp stamp” because I liked the location and decided that was where the design should go. It doesn’t, in any way mean I’m a tramp. So there :)

  3. Huh. Comments were deleted.

    I don’t see it as “only a tattoo.” A lot of people use tattoos as a way of self expression, so when you see something like this on someone, of course you want to shy away from them or hate them for it.

    To me, it looks like immaturity. The designs are poorly executed.

  4. It took me a fair bit of squinting to realize that was a tampon.
    Until I realized there no sense in a bloody rabbits foot on string.

  5. Hahahaha, I’m quite in agreement with Pidge’s comment.
    It took some staring, and then some cringing at what I stared realized it was.

  6. I’m with Pidge, Forgetting everything about the message behind the designs, they just don’t look that great. If you want to be offensive, that’s your issue, but poor designs can’t be excused.

  7. “To me, it looks like immaturity. The designs are poorly executed.”

    I’m as much for a messed up joke as the next sicko, but i agree with Caroline. A better artist would not only apply a cleaner, more professional tattoo, but use his years of experience to maybe say the same thing in a less obvious way,…

  8. I have absolutely no patience for rape jokes.
    Agreed 8, 9 and 10. And I never realised that was a tampon in the middle one until I read the comments.

  9. It’s cool their funny! Props to them! People have to lightened up a whole damn lot. If I had to have any beef it would be the rape one.. I’m guessing they’ve never had a friend who has gone through that… not funny… but it is ONLY a tattoo so who cares there funny :) i dig em

  10. the “it’s rape time” tattoo goes beyond just rape for me… there are candy and a pacifier in the core images…. does anyone else get the sense of a child??? and then to add the “it’s rape time”……. candy to lure children???

    i find this offensive… and i am all for having a comical tattoo.. but come on!!!

    the other two are amusing.. but a tampon?? since when are tampons hairy????

    i would love to hear what inspired these tattoos.. can we have a Q&A with the tattooed??

  11. Getting intentionally bad tattoos kinda reeks of pathological insecurity and self-esteem issues. Maybe it’s just me.

  12. it is scorpions.

    this has been the best modblog so far, only like 2 positive responses.

    love you guys

  13. thats not a pacifier by the way, it’s like a gum ball with a tooth in front of it, I apologize for the bad picture.

    but yes it is directed towards children, little kids are mad sexy

  14. Nobody has as much hate for child abuse as I do, and even I think the Rape time tattoo is just so far out there that’s it’s not offensive, because it’s just too ridiculous. I was more offended by the “begging for rape” tattoo a while back.

  15. oh man I remember that one, soooooo hot.

    for the girl with the “begging for rape tattoo” if you see this, I love you. we should get married probably

  16. Count me in as another person who couldn’t see the tampon at first.
    It kinda made me sad because it could have been a cool (if somewhat wierd) subject for a tattoo if it were done a little more clearly. I could do without the “dental floss” banner either way…but a better rendering of a Cotton Rocket could have been pretty fun.

  17. So this is obviously someone who’s never seen a real tampon. Hint: if it’s furry, throw it out, don’t use it.

  18. Maybe I’m the only one who gets the tattoo?? The saying “dental floss” refers to orally satisfying a woman while on her cycle. So, if I “get it”, that’s not a hairy tampon, that is a vagina. Poorly drawn, but.. that’s what I get from it.

    And no excuse for the rape/children tattoo. None.

  19. 90% of the people commenting on this suck pretty hard I find. haha
    especially number 15, aka captain obvious.
    “does anyone else get the sense of a child??? and then to add the “it’s rape time”……. candy to lure children???”

    I honestly laughed so hard I had to take my inhaler.

  20. this guy probably has the best collection of lol tattoos i’ve ever seen. it probably says something about me that i looked through these and the last post of his tattoos and the only one that shocked me was the bloody tampon. talk about cannibalism, transexuals and even child rape but i’m grossed out by a tampon. go figure.

  21. Maybe it’s just me, but the dental floss one, yeah I didn’t know what that was until I read the explanation, it looks more like a bloody anchovy on a string, I have yet in my 35 years as a female to see a furry tampon…and I hope I never will.
    As far as the content is concerned, to each their own.

  22. Gidget:
    If that is suppose to be a vagina then the artist has no visiual concept of female anatomy.

  23. The last one is lucky the design is too shite to be worth having a closer look at.

  24. Hahahaha, none of those are high-quality tattoo, but they definitely made me laugh.
    Especially the rape one, i enjoy that one immensely….

  25. it’s like trolling. so freak teh fuck out, please, it’s hilarious. used to be you could get people to flip like this with just a tattoo of a skull or something… those were the days.

  26. Hey oppositronic – my DAD flipped at my skull tattoo, so don’t worry, the ‘good ol’ days’ are still here :p

    These tattoos are too stupid and poorly done to be offensive. The tampon one although… questionable… could have been cool if it was well executed and didn’t look like a sledge-hammered mouse with a string for a tail. The rape one… actually reminds me of someone I knew, and he was an alright guy, just with a really effed up sense of humour, so I kinda laughed…. O_o

  27. i agree its just about shocking people which some people like to do when they get tattoos. i just find these a bit lame.
    lol hairy tampon/vag. nobody knows. great drawing.

  28. Heh. Cute.
    And the term “tramp stamp” is SO last year.
    We’ve moved on to calling the ribs the “Ho Handles”

    Thanks to DB for introducing that to me.

  29. Not but, I think people are being strangely a little harsh. It isn’t funny, yet at the same time the wearer might have a skewed humor and that’s fine. Last time I thought if I wanted to say or do something that is perfectly legal I could speak my mind about it, so he can too. Does it mean he rapes children? I hope not, but does it mean he has a right to get a tattoo that seems inappropriate to someone else? Of course.

  30. Excuse all of us that don’t find raping children hilarious. That aside, I think if I had drawn that last one myself, with some sharpies, it would have turned out better than it is.

  31. #46 rules! i think i love you

    im so glad this guy got this tat, it will make it much easier to ID him and remove him from the gene pool. hopefully he’ll be sent to prison soon and they will attend to him.

  32. Unfortunately I have no doubt that these tattoos will be percieved as funny by some people, which I’m sure fuels his idiocy

  33. When I see tattoos like the ‘it’s rape time’ one, it gives me hope that there actually IS a career path out there I can turn to in case my high-priced admin assistant job at a sinking insurance colossus goes tits up. It can’t be THAT hard to learn how to do tattoo removal, right? And if the wear of that tattoo has friends who are similarly wearing ‘shit was I THAT drunk?’ tattoos, I’ll be in business and very comfortably well off for eternity.

    Seriously – I’ve got one of the most warped senses of humor of anyone I know, and even I find that last one more than a bit too much. It may seem funny at the time, but those things are permanent (who knew?) and it’s gonna be there long after it stops seeming funny.

  34. yes A becuase all of us with a morbis sense of humor but still a good sense of judgement ( like functionning psychos if you will ) are just so below you

  35. I just don’t know about that third one — and don’t get me wrong ; I have one of the most disturbing and warped sense of humour of anyone I’ve ever met, but I just don’t understand the logic of having something like that there forever…but maybe some kind of injoke? Each to there own. I don’t think the point of tattoos is to please the general public, and if it were, wouldn’t they be sort of redundant as one of the few lasting forms of self expression (and some would say rebellion)?

  36. I understand the tampon/dental loss thing (redwings and all) but I honestly didn’t think for a moment that it’s a vagina.
    But it could very well be.
    Or it could be a furry tampon.
    Whatever it is appears to have a sturdy rope coming from it rather than a string.
    It’s a mystery.


  38. the tampon is made out of hair from native americans(politically correct terminology, for all you haters)

  39. Ok, first of all, from a quality point of view these aren’t the greatest tattoos in the world, but for pure comedy (and shock) value theyre absolutely great!

    I think theyre hilarious, as have been most of the reactions to them! As someone early on said, to each their own. I wanna meet this guy, nobody can say he hasn’t got guts!

  40. mike, remember the 18 yr old girls anus tattooed with an ejaculating penis I have the video to prove it.

    its not rape it’s surprise sex!!!!

    we miss you!

  41. 46. u’ve been banged by a dog? fuuuuck yeeeeeah! HOT lol…

    i could care less about the offensiveness of the work. it’s dude’s work, so that’s his choice to wear it. the work itself though. it’s pretty brutal not good. (i’ve seen WAYYY worse though)

  42. I think without being rude to the guy, he seems like he’s probably just attention seeking or immature. Rape Tatoos aren’t funny especially ones which advicate the rape of infants and small children. He’s got sweets, and a pacifier next to “It’s rape time!” with bloodied body parts. Seems messed up to me. I’m no prude and am all for satire and random comedy. But It draws the line when it comes to child rape. I doubt any sane normal person would find that funny. I’m surprised a tattooist even agreed to do it to be honest.

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