BME Shop is Stockin’ Up

(Tattoo on blentostamin by Bojan Djordjevic at Morbith Tattoo in Vrsac, Vojvodina, Serbia.)

Christmas is coming early this year! (You’re all ready for Christmas again, right?) Everybody’s favorite online apothecary and specialty bait store, BME Shop, has just added all sorts of wonderful things to its stock! Here is a handy list of items you should buy:

Kaos Software

Gorilla Glass Claws

Gorilla Glass Bullet Hole Eyelets

Diablo Organics Bloodwood Tempests

Diablo Organics Tiger Ebony Eves

Diablo Organics Tiger Ebony Lily Spirals

Diablo Organics Tiger Ebony Tempests

Diablo Organics Tiger Ebony Wave Crests

Diablo Organics Tiger Ebony Rings

Diablo Organics Tiger Ebony Concave Plugs (1-2″)

Diablo Organics Bloodwood Concave Plugs (1-2″)

Oh, and here is something fun — BME Shop is now offering all sorts of exciting “erotic devices”! Including:

CBT Clamps

And there’s more where that came from! Also? T-shirts as low as $5.99! Happy shopping!

16 thoughts on “BME Shop is Stockin’ Up

  1. this all good but id like to see more large gauge plugs and what not. they have some but wheres all the good stuff

  2. I carry the complete size runs available in each piece of jewelry. Some up to 3 inches! Unfortunately nobody buys them so it’s not economical to carry them but I do anyway. The onate designs don’t go over an inch because they’re meant to be worn like weights.

  3. my boyfriend has that cbt clamp and sounds,which is hilarious because to look at him, he’s so…well, straightlaced 0_0

  4. “i never wanted to be different, i just wanted to be me”. for a while i believed in this statement, then i thought the word “different” is a very loose term. aside from that i think people in general (not just the moded) have to embrace change and be accepting to whatever it is that society deems as so called “different”.

    it would seem a little more accurate to say “i never wanted to be cool, i just wanted to be me”. but then the word cool or whatever word will replace that status will be a loose term that changes as much as society does over time.

    however, i still applaud the recipents(jeff too). its still a strong statement and something to be proud of. nice artwork/design as well

  5. *starts a slow clap*

    These last couple posts have been great. Really neat, well done tattoos, a great skin removal and a peak at bmeshop.

  6. OK seriously, what happened to Modblog???
    Now you’re using it to sell stuff?? And instead of showing just one or two items, you make a huge boring post with 12??? I can smell the desperation from an ocean away…

    I can’t understand the direction Modblog has taken in the last couple of months, and despite the fact I like some of Roo’s writing, I don’t see this as the blog I used to love and eagerly look at every day…

    I guess that’s just the way things are now…

  7. Cheshire: I’m sorry that you have a problem with additional extra posts being posted about BMEshop. Since BMEshop PAYS THE BILLS FOR MODBLOG, I guess it would make sense for it to be able to update here on the site as well.

  8. I perfectly understand that BMEshop pays the bills and is an important part of BME, I just don’t see the point in including such a LONG “addicional extra post” about the products.. It’s probably one of the longest posts on Modblog ever. Wouldn’t just showing one or two things be enough?

    If I want to buy something, I’ll just go to the shop and buy it.
    I come to Modblog for the mods, not to browse through products..
    But as I said, I guess we all have to come to terms with the new and (supposedly) improved profit-oriented BME…

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