I was pretty close to wetting my pants giggling when I first watched this karaoke session that Rafa sent over. I especially love the occasional hair fixing!

If you’d like to sing along with him the lyrics (plus some screenshots) are below the video..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Lay your head down just for now
Space fills your mind and you dream awhile
The sun floods your room as you drown
Your lungs full of breathing
Your true love believe

One more time to say I love you always
and keeping faith letting love find a way

Move let the stars suck you in
Hold tight, the night’s air and breathe again
Let go and be burnt by the moon
Your hands full of feeling your true love, Believe

One more time to say I love you always
and keeping faith letting love find a way

One more time to say I love you always
and keeping faith letting love find a way

I love you to death
Could you love me to death (x2)
Could you love me

One more time to say I love you always
and keeping faith letting love find a way

One more time to say I love you always
and keeping faith letting love find a way

Letting love find a way (x3)

Artist – The Used

More from Rafa on ModBlog.

75 thoughts on “RAFALMAO

  1. God that was so fucking funny.

    I put the sound down because the song is so fucking annoying butt the performance was 2 thumbs up.

  2. Carnivale – I’ve been posting videos to ModBlog for some time now and it’s always been a varied mixture of humourous, procedural and ritual. It’s just a bit of fun :)

  3. RooRaaah Crumbs – RooBot indeed, one of the good ones:) I know you have. But I still miss the old Modblog..
    And I guess this isn’t my kind of fun. A fan of abortion jokes, if you catch my drift:P

  4. I really hate the used, but Rafa made the song better for some reason hahaha.
    I love people with sense of humor that can just be themselves and happy. I see that in Rafa.

  5. The only thing bad about modblog is it seems that roo has been posting less and less. Not that i think jordan is bad. I just remember that days with tons of posts.

  6. crappy tats, crappy song, dumbass piercings and not funny at all ….. yes I have my period at the moment, thank you for asking

  7. joshmeshuggah dont be a lame ass
    they are actually doing something with their life and what are you doing NOTHING I BET!

  8. Oh god, I havent watched the vid but you people complaining and bitching is getting a bit ridiculous. shut the fuck up alreadyyyy ! If you don’t like the posts then get the fuck off the site for a day, shove your thumb up your ass and comment on something that you think is “good enough” for modblog.

  9. Anjellica – I just have to say it.. You didn’t even comment on the video, you didn’t even watch it. You bitch about people bitching. Why does that make you so much better?
    I happen to be one of the addicts of “Ye Olde Modblog”. And I still enjoy reading it, even though there is a lack of content.
    (I miss the skinny little naked girls^^ With their modifications of course)

  10. There are the same amount of posts as always. If you want to see more photos and videos.. there is this site call.. hold on, let me look up the url.. I think it’s BMEzine.com.. :) :)

  11. You need to add social bookmarking links like Digg so this kind of stuff can be seen by millions of people.

    and Carnivale you just sound like a cranky douche bag.

  12. ok this is awesome if i had money and you lived anywhere near me i would hire you to sing at my birthday or something

  13. Agreed with 23. He’s funny, but something about the whole not used to seeing massive labrets moving around gets to me a little.

  14. this is the only redeeming thing the Used has ever been connected with.
    i want to high-five this guy in person, major props.

  15. What does Rachel’s page got to do with you, Inme? Mind your own bussiness love.

    Rafa’s video really made me giggle, so cute

  16. oh, and Carnivale — if that’s the case then just take out a subscription with suicide girls. modblog is modblog, if you were generally that pissed at its “new” direction you would’ve aborted with the rest of the elitist dinks ages ago.

  17. I find this marginally disurbing.
    But he looks like he’s having fun with it.
    Sunrise, Sunset.

  18. Gah, why all the haters?
    Rafa just wanted to have a little fun, and you all have to insult him?

    Let him have his fun for fuck’s sake! I personally had a blast watching him…I love his labret and medusa…

    thats the only reason i would never, get one.

  20. Rafa is awsome! And hes a very nice guy too. Watching that video made me giggle and smile.

    What is with all the haters? Some of those comments are unbelievably mean. If you have nothing nice to say its best to say nothing at all. Otherwise what the hell are those comments accomplishing? Is it necessary to hurt peoples feelings or diss other peoples mods?

    And Jordan, hes not retiring it hes just having to downsize because his lip got really irritated and sore. I think hes leaving the plate out for a while and once it feels better hes gonna stretch it back up.

  21. thats not even funny.
    what a godamn retard. the guy singing and the guy who thought it was worthwhile posting..

  22. Badine, Thanks! That is good news. I’d hate to see him go so far then have to turn back.

  23. I think The Used is nice music, but even people that like the music can admit that it’s very emo.
    Bother? No. But true.
    So very awesome performance!

  24. I know it’s been said before, but he cannot kiss properly anymore, can he?
    I’d really like to know… because I enjoy kissing so much, not being able to do this would kill me!

  25. Woooh. I’m just going to ignore the little argument there.

    You amaze me. :)
    Let’s all play Lips!

  26. To whoever said The Used is doing with something with their lives, OH YEAH, being a total spun out crack head is such an achievement, I mean seriously Junkies are just too fucking awesome.

    If you choose to idolize people in pop culture, try to make some better choices.

    This video is worse than cancer.

  27. he is probly the ugliest dude i’ve seen in a very long time.

    not a big fan of lip plates.

    and personally the facial tats ain’t working,
    and the hair.

    just an all around ugly ass fuckin dude.

  28. It boggles my mind that some people actually think this looks good.

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