A Million Uppercuts

Despite the fact that “A Milli” makes me want to jam tuning forks into my eardrums, Lil Wayne is the best. I don’t know how he manages to maintain the incredible mainstream popularity he has while being such a goddamn weirdo at the same time, but the world is a better place for it. Anyway, this tattoo has everything you could want in a celebrity portrait. Appropriate alterations to fit the body? Check. Hilarious photo choice? Check. Exquisite grill detail? Oh god yes. Also, this is neat, because I’m pretty sure that was the first time the phrase “exquisite grill detail” has been used, at all, ever.

(Tattoo by Ryan Hadley in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.)

76 thoughts on “A Million Uppercuts

  1. thats awesome!
    Shaun: i’m not a fan of his music either… but thats pretty mean 🙁
    “Don’t hate, Appreciate” – Rev Run (who’s house?)

  2. Nice job… Would I choose this tattoo? … not really… so what? It’s at least better than the sight of split penisses.

  3. @ Ralex.

    I think it’s because his “music” is terrible, yet the masses treat him like some kind of a fucking saint. They are treating him like he’s some spectacular musician and that he’s so talented when he really isn’t at all. There is so much more out there, but of course, it’s a pop culture generation so everyone goes with what’s handed to them by MTV.

    The ink is real good but the subject is not.
    Fuck lil wayne, open your eyes people. He’s not a saint.

  4. We’re all friends here, so don’t take this in offense, but to all the people who have posted negative comments about this tattoo due to the subject matter;

    It’s not like it’s been put on YOUR body, the person who got this tattoo is obviously a big fan, and if they want lil’ Wayne tattooed on them, then so be it, it’s their body.

    Don’t get me wrong, you’re all entitled to your opinion ofcorse, after all i suppose thats what this is for.

    Take care 🙂

    P.S; I’m sorry for being so serious 😐 (and i don’t like Lil’ Wayne, but it’s a fucking good tattoo)

  5. Mod Blog has turned into the tacky gift-shop of the bodymod community. If that’s the new plan then great, but I miss the old mod blog that many of us grew up with. New procedures, Interviews, even a bit of the hard stuff…

  6. Quality:

    New procedures like the eyebrow removal last week? Interviews like the articles on Shawn Barber and Kim Saigh? Hard stuff like full genital bisections and dicks stuffed with Christmas lights? To say of nothing of the beautiful photography in pieces like the Helsinki Sideshow Night recap? Just because we post some funny/entertaining tattoos doesn’t mean that other stuff isn’t still there. If that isn’t good enough for you, I’m not exactly sure what you’re expecting to find here.

  7. Jordan fuck al those né-sayers,

    your just trying the best you can there are always people that dont like what they see here on modblog. but mabey next week there is something they like.

    I mean i saw so many things from swatsika freak shop oke there beautifull but it is al the same,
    But i am not going to wine about that i want to see more titties and shit.
    because i know that next week their going to be tittie shots.

  8. Haha well I’ve probably been living under a rock so I don’t think I know who this dude is, but the tattoo is pretty damn good for what it is.

    Jordan you’re absolutely right. The only point of contention I would have is that the ‘loltats’ seem to way outnumber the quality tattoos with the exception of teacher’s pets Swastika Freakshop. To be fair, the uninitiated who visit here will just think tattooed people are a bunch of retards and nazis – perpetuating a stereotype?! :p

  9. I think the quality of this tattoo is astounding.
    Particularly for a portrait.
    Not every artist can do portraits well.

  10. ghostshadow

    If you could be paid millions by the likes of MTV to hang around and be a bad musician, wouldn’t you do just that?

  11. The artistry is great. That’s what makes it so frightening. It’s like some sort of HR Giger alien with teeth detail…only…it’s REAL.

  12. weeoohweeoohwee like a cop car hahaha

    hillarious. if he weren’t such a goddamn weirdo I would continue to hate him

  13. I’d rather hear the death rattles of my unborn children then listen to Lil Wayne. That said, amazing tattoo! The grill is re-fucking-donkulous.

  14. who is it okay to get a portrait of?

    i just wanted to know so everyone won’t say stuff like

    ‘oh marcus is alright but that bill murray tattoo he got? bill murray is such a bad actor. i hate the way he woke up everyday at 7 am and it was the same day.’
    ‘god can you believe marcus got a tattoo of that one hobo who wrote that one really good book marcus loves? god i hate that way that hobo did his hobo stuff.’

    and jordan i criticized the ‘week in review’ posts but i can live with them. the more you post the more people will have to criticize, but also more for people to enjoy…

  15. Cool tattoo, and Carter 3 was easily one of the best albums of ’08. Weezy baby, and if you don’t think he’s so great, lets hear your rap albums.

  16. @ Hanargh

    I wouldn’t. I have more dignity than that. I am an artist, I earn money legitimately. I like to make quality media, that’s what makes me happy. I’d rather put a smile on someones face creating something they will enjoy. I’m not too concerned with lining my pockets with money, especially the money I don’t deserve.

  17. i do not like this man. however, he is a ‘weirdo’ and yet he does still maintain a sh*tload of really rather mainstream fans. this is rather mystifying.
    for example, my kid brother loves him, however if i were to present a man who looked exactly like lil wayne as my new boyfriend to my brother, he would go crazy, and promptly label him a weirdo and probably try to beat him up, or suffocate him whilst he was sleeping. (yeah my bro is a teeeny bit aggro.)
    maybe lil wayne-o here is actually magic!

  18. ghostshadow

    Seeing as you’re an artist, I would’ve thought you’d appreciate the non-existant boundaries of ‘art’. Subjectivity is a powerful thing – Lil Wayne does not appeal to my taste, but I know that he makes someone, somewhere smile.

    Perhaps one day, someone will look at your quality media and decide just like that, that you don’t deserve to make money from it. Just because it doesn’t appeal to them.

    That would be wrong of them, in my opinion. Especially if they were posting on a site like modblog, the place where people are supposed to be the least judgemental, but seemingly, just about everyone is.

  19. jeez, you guys. you will argue about anything.

    that grill looks fucking epic. and if you look through hadley’s website gallery, there’s some of the best portraits i’ve ever seen.
    there’s some real talent going on there, regardless of what it’s of.
    so stop bitching about how shitty lil wayne is – we all know.

  20. that is quite amazing grill detail!!

    and as much as i hate lil wayne (let it rock is still stuck in my freakin head) this is a fab piece of work!

  21. “The artistry is great. That’s what makes it so frightening. It’s like some sort of HR Giger alien with teeth detail…only…it’s REAL.”

  22. the grill is amazing, not sure why anyone would want lil wayne tattooed on their body but the tattoo came out awsome!

  23. why wouldn’t you want lil wayne on you? he matches perfectly with my prince and phil collins portraits.

    anyways, i don’t love lil wayne that much. i got it more for the humor aspect.

  24. I agree with #4. I can’t wait til someone shoots him. Better people have been shot for less. Lil Wayne’s one of those guys who make wildly unsubstantiated claims about his ‘gangsta-ness’. I figure it’s about time someone just got it over and done with and put him in the ground.

  25. Hanargh

    Possibly. I am not saying the tattoo and the art work isn’t amazing. I am not judging the tattoo. I think it looks fantastic. The detail is appalling. I am just saying that everyone treats Lil Wayne like a god. He isn’t one. That’s all. I don’t mean to sound argumentative. Never was my intention, I just don’t like the guy because he isn’t as talented as everyone wants him to be. People can listen to whatever they want to, it’s not my place to say what people should and shouldn’t listen to. I just don’t think he should be worshiped like he’s the biggest and best rapper out there. That’s my opinion. I don’t see why people have to argue about it.

    Some people wouldn’t like things I listen to. I don’t let that bother me, that’s what makes everyone unique and diverse. We all have our differences and qualities.

  26. Right nicely done tattoo wise.. but straight garbage ass mainstream rap. Underground for life! True Lyricism and Thought to Rhymes. Nuff Said!

  27. Lil Wayne.
    And it was done in Ft Wayne.
    Coincidence? Or something much more spiritual and deep?

  28. Um… Jon P.

    Fact.. Lil Wayne from hard and tumble New Orleans. A place where people get killed for real.. and some make a living doing whatever they have to do. I’d like to plop your ass down there pre-Katrina. See how you make it. And then reassess your thoughts about authentic “gangstaness”.

    And also, Lil Wayne is a pop star now… in case you have not heard. And he’s as liable to get shot as your punk ass.

    But on topic, Lil Wayne’s ink is tight. I hate grills but that one is majestic and the tattoo portrait is bad ass.

    ::drops the mic:::

    Bitch asses!

  29. Mucus Marcus –
    ‘oh marcus is alright but that bill murray tattoo he got? bill murray is such a bad actor. i hate the way he woke up everyday at 7 am and it was the same day.’
    Bill Murray OWNS. Especially since he was in Coffee & Cigarettes AS Bill Murray. Pretending not to be Bill Murray. Pure, unadulterated genius.
    Lil Wayne, however, really grinds my gears. To quote Family Guy. In an awesomely, spectacularly awful way.
    But at least it’s a decent job. There’s certainly worse portraits — or ink in general — to have on one’s skin.

  30. “A place where people get killed for real”

    As opposed to the myriad places where people only get fake killed. hahaha

  31. He must be magic, one of my ex boyfriends is very racist and says he hates all coloured people but he adores Lil Wayne. Ironic really.

  32. Of all the ugly people to get tattooed…Great work, but man that little annoying wannabe is UGLY..Gangsta my ass..

  33. you guys are as closed-minded as the people who just blindly jump on the pop culture band wagon. i bet almost none of you know shit about rap or lil wayne and you just wanna pretend you hate him cuz it makes you seem ‘alternative’ or whatever. get real

  34. man, some of you need to grow the fuck up. the tattoo is on display not lil’ wayne, so lets talk about the tattoo not lil’ wayne.

  35. Some of us grew up on rap music. Now, admittedly, I didn’t start listening to rap until age 10. But by age 11 I was all about checkered shirts, baggy jeans, and fubu caps. You can thank Bone Thugs N Harmony for that. And you can thank Biggie and Tupac for my frequent use of the word ‘bitch’ at age 12. There are those of us who can trace hip hop and rap from its early days right up until what you’d call “rap” today. Too bad the South has so much shit rap coming out of it, thank T.I. for keeping quality wordplay and flow within his rhymes otherwise the South would just all be syrup drinking bitches like Lil Wayne.

    I freely admit to my bitch status. I’m my family’s bitch.

  36. one of the best portraits i’ve seen in a while
    one of the most horrible artists to set foot on this earth (if you even consider him one)

    krs-one lives on

  37. i’m sorry, but i have alot of respect for lil wayne. i have quite a few college credits under my belt and i still cant craft a sentence as well as he can. and his songs make me laugh. rap is too friggin serious sometimes!!

    but we arent really here to get into a musical debate. the tattoo friggin rocks no matter who it happens to be a portrait of.

  38. “Notice I say ‘it’ cause to me, it ain’t shit
    Get. it.
    Call me whacha like bitch
    Call me on my sidekick
    Never answer when it’s private
    Man I hate a shy bitch
    Don’t you hate a shy bitch
    Yea i ate a shy bitch and she ain’t shy no mo’
    She changed her name to my bitch
    Hahaha, yea boy thats my chick
    And she pops excellent up in Wayne’s world
    Totally dude you should
    See their faces when they see that
    This robot can move
    And it’s say…
    Hahaha, yea
    And it go…
    That’s right”

    He’s an idiot, case closed

  39. Hahahhahahhaahhaha love it. For anybody that had a shadow of doubt in their mind about the status of lilWaynker – ahem, wayne – i think the above post just confirmed it loud and clear.

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