Two Points, One Calf

This horrific, poop-covered beautiful landscape shot featuring Mike hanging, indeed, from two hooks in his calf, comes of courtesy of the wizards at Swastika Freakshop in Radolfzell, Germany, who literally cannot get out of goddamned bed without creating something visually stunning.

(More from Swastika Freakshop on ModBlog here, including this previously featured and equally gorgeous suspension shot.)

34 thoughts on “Two Points, One Calf

  1. I really dont want to be that guy,
    But Jordan please can you mabey let go of the swatsika freakshop for like a couple days.

    I mean yes they are great but its like your there own personal fanboy.
    I lurch around on IAM so much time a day and see so many things which are as beautiul or even more beautiful.

    But yeah sorry for the hating here

  2. Honestly? I’m not trying to play favorites. I don’t look at who’s contributing until after I’ve chosen an image from a batch that Phil’s given me. The tattoos are recognizable enough, I’ll grant you that, but I didn’t realize this was them until afterward.

  3. the solution would be to continue to post awesome stuff from these guys, as well as from others.

    like most people, i really can’t enough of what they’re producing these days :)

  4. This is really incredible. I wanna hang! I can’t imagine the pressure. Love this.

    also, the little sharing feature is cool, im glad you went with the suggestion.. someone suggested that right?..

  5. Ever read tarot cards?

    this looks like the hanged man.
    Meaning your life is hung in limbo, suspended in the balance.
    Anything could tip it one way or another, it’s your choice.

    Roughly, anyway.
    Nice :D

  6. Ralex: We are not playing favorites, it happens that a beautiful image of a suspension was submitted and I suggested Jordan post it to
    As well i don’t care who shot the image or who was in it. A two hook calf suspension is rare, unique and the photo is lovely! Lately all we have been hearing is there is not enough unique images posted on and it seems that some of the readership is listening as well! these good folks are making an effort to produce interesting and unique images to submit to the site, BME not just modblog! All the hating on beautiful images is only going to make people want to shy away from submitting images in fear of hearing the Simon Cowell’s of the online bodmod community telling them they don’t deserve their 15 minutes of internet fame.

  7. While yes…pretty much everything the shop gets it’s hands on is magnificent, and I too can not get enough of their work; I completely see what Ralex is saying.

    Maybe Swastika Freakshop needs to stop being so damn amazing?

    Or, just keep at it! Gorgeous photo.

  8. yep, incredible image. even if these are the same individuals hopefully it will promote others to submit the same quality of work. not that competing is key, but i’m sure their are plenty of others that have amazing shots to throw in.

  9. maybe if one would rather just see an image for what it is(beautiful), rather than to debate on who submitted the images, it wouldn’t even matter. I really enjoy the photo. I see a unique suspension… someone hanging from the tree like he’s just part of it. dopeness… interesting clouds too.

  10. BOOOOORRRRRIIIINNNNG. Wake me up when someone does a six hour suspension from a trans-scrotal.

  11. And:

    Blah, everyone is a photographer these days. All you need is an expensive camera and the first 45 seconds of an introduction to photography class, when “stick the subject off center” comes up, but before you start hearing anything about the rule of thirds. That way you can have exactly one trick up your sleeve that you can show off in every. single. photograph.

  12. yttrx – chear up a little :) if you think modblog has become boring, then simply leave.

    yeah i agree it has changed during the past year for a number of reasons, but no one could stop these changes from taking place and although i miss the old modblog, i’m welcoming these changes with open arms – posts such as this one couldn’t be further away from being boring!

  13. “yttrx – chear up a little :) if you think modblog has become boring, then simply leave. ”

    1. I’m quite cheery.
    2. I didn’t say modblog has become boring. Train wrecks are never boring. This photograph is boring, however. The only that keeps me staring at it is the wish beyond wish that somehow I get to see the guy fall on his head.

    Also, the suspension method is boring. Two knees, then one knee, then someone’s ass, et cetera. I know for a fact that I’m not alone in waiting for something truly astounding to be attempted and photographed badly.

  14. Whoops, addendum:

    3. And the old modblog was a pile of horse shit with no point at all. This modblog is neither horse shit nor pointless, though not even its sudden relevancy in a deader than dead scene cannot save this photograph, nor its subject matter.

  15. Dude, do what I do…
    Generally..if you don’t have something positive to contribute…then shut the fuck up.
    No one cares if you don’t like what you see, we are all here for the blog itself, not the incessant bitching.

    It’s a beautiful photograph, if you don’t agree then find something that you do like. Comment on that.

  16. its called freedom of speech, asshole.

    i wish BME would stop favoring that pro-nazi shop!

  17. yttrx: Explain how the scene is dead? Its following with all different kinds of life, that in turn have changed with time.

    “And the old modblog was a pile of horse shit with no point at all. ”
    Surely if it was a pile of horse shit and pointless, it wouldn’t have survived all this time? Not just survived, but has been extremely popular and has no doubt helped many people in many ways. It’s not a ”trainwreck” so to speak. And when i said the ‘old’ modblog, i wasn’t refering to the style and asthetics of it but rather the style of which certain people had when they had posted in here. But hey times change, and we have to live with that.

    The person above me, couldn’t have put it into better words – everyone is entitled to their own opinions and contributions. And its true; no one cares if you dont like what you see – you don’t need to tell the world just to make yourself feel good about it, or what ever reason you have for doing so. Do you have a ‘suitable’ photograph do contribute? If you do, i would love to see it. If the above photograph is beautiful in *most* peoples eyes, then surely beauty in your eyes must truely be something out of this world. There is no doubt that a two-point calf is pretty amazing stuff and this photograph only magnifies that.

  18. what the hell goes on here.
    first . yttrx ..
    the picture was loaded up by mike not by me not from the swastika-freakshop.
    the picture is shot by me. im into photography since 10 years and start with old cameras befor thze digital hype are coming. experts see that teh picture isnt a quick shot. i work with seperate flashes to fight against the shadow under a tree. so at first you hang up peoples for photograph and make some pictures and than you can talk to me.. and second the pictures you see are just the testpictures – the real pictures i made with a manual camera on black/white film and isave it for a photobook and i will never publish it in the internet .


    say me what are you for an … (you can use the words you used) you writting al the time the same bullshit and you writting al anonymus – why.. maybe you know that you writte bullshit.
    and when you think to call me an nazi than come to me and i kick your ass. open your eyes – man how stupid you can be. btw. i have a spezial paper from teh goverment in germany to sell swastika t-shirts and for me its legal to use it because i promote it in a striktly way against nazis.. so shut up you fucking nazi..
    free tibet – free swastika – free life….

  19. and say me…
    you ever seen a one calf suspension befor – me not.
    you want make one – me not..

    so give the respekt to mike. he makes the shit and i think it doesnt matter who made the suspension or who made the picture. and i think i dont care if you like the picture or not. you can try something like this than you will get some respekt but not from talking bullshit here

  20. So, I think your photograph is boring and trite. And? Does it really hurt your feelings that I think that?

    And for the rest of you who’ve mistaken my opinion for an assault on your taste in photographs, that’s not at all what it is.

    And honestly, if you’re the sort of person for whom the criticism of others is a problem, then I suggest you never, ever pick up a camera. Or anything else actually.

    Really its probably best if you just drink the hemlock now. Then at least you might collapse into some kind of artsy position by mistake.

  21. “If the above photograph is beautiful in *most* peoples eyes”

    #22: So, throw the picture up on flickr, and stick it into one of the very high traffic groups, and lets just see what “most people” think, shall we?

    Or were you just talking about most people with tattoos and piercings in this specific scene? Somehow I think that’s a smaller group.

  22. You can go ahead and do that if you wish. But I was talking about this community. If i didn’t make that clear, i am sorry. Do i have to justify each point i make to such a high extent that it can not possibly be intrepreted as something else? Quite impossible if you ask me.

    Oh and i have a name, not a number.

  23. In these blog comments… people who don’t know yttrx. Hell, I don’t know him but I know what to expect when he posts.

    I see I’m the only poster to comment on the 2 girls, 1 cup play on words.

    That countryside looks like Yorkshire :). I need to suspend soon, sadly missed out on lefrog’s one in Huddersfield which I could’ve got to for a reasonable price.

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  25. esta vacanisima la foto, lastima q el blog sea en ingles, pero igual me gusta bastante, ojala sigan con esto poque es muy interesante

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