CSI: Guelph?

So Allen “Eagle Eye” Falkner was sitting down for his nightly chamomile and CSI when he noticed, hey, that poster on the right side of the screen looks familiar, doesn’t it?

Oh, it’s Orbax! How about that? One may think the CSI set designer is just a fan of Rue Morgue, but I’m not so sure. Sometimes a poster … can be covering up a secret.

[puts on sunglasses]

CSI-Orbax Sighting [Hooker Life]

19 thoughts on “CSI: Guelph?

  1. An intersection of pop culture and that of the body modification culture is truly blogworthy.

    Eagle eye indeed, good work Allen!

  2. Yea.. It’s a blog.. Not MSNBC.. People blog about what they ate today and what color it made their poop. IF it’s interesting to the poster and related to their blogs subject matter it’s “blog-worthy,”

  3. 110% Blog-able.

    Articles like these separate blogs from real news media, its also what makes them fun and interesting to read :D

  4. i think it’s definitely blog worthy. if it’s something you love then it’s something to write or “blog” about. nice fucking eye. i never in a million years would’ve guessed it.

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