Orange You Glad I Didn’t Make a Stupid Pun?

And here we have handsome devil Mateo, sporting 2 3/8″ lobes with what appears to be some sort of organic jewelry. HA HA GET IT?

[in the distance, a gong is banged]

See more in Ear Stretching (past 1/2″) (Ear Piercing)

47 thoughts on “Orange You Glad I Didn’t Make a Stupid Pun?

  1. At least this time it doesn’t look shopped… unlike the entry with the apples a while back.

    This is cuuuute!

    My friends like sticking tomatoes in my tunnels. It’s my party trick.

  3. bme ask thingy never answered my Q… my ears are sad, but true (?). I don’t even know anymore.

  4. Somebody send this poor guy bigger lip jewelry. He’s wearing two through one hole :P Haha. Very nice

  5. His expression is awesome, haha.
    There should be a contest for the funniest things in ears.
    Most I can do are pens and flowers. candy cane for the holidays.

  6. I believe it’s one of the clementines we dumpstered…

    Look at all these ladies swoonin’ over my gorgeous man. I don’t blame them. He’s so handsome. ;)

  7. BTW #22, it’s not quite a blowout. I’ll leave the explaining of ‘the seam’ up to him, but trust me when I say his ears are big smooth beauties. I look at them every day, and every day I’m jealous.

  8. this picture may be adorable, his lobes are so thin! I want to give them something to eat! maybe an orange?

  9. thanks for all the kind words everyone… especially you sam!

    the people who made the comments about the “blow outs” must not be iam members or else they would have seen my last update where you can see my THICK blow out free lobes at 2 5/16ths”. i get that seem on both ears right after a stretch and it goes away after some massaging… but who cares this is the internetz so judge away

  10. #27

    Thin? What you talkin’ ’bout Willis?

    The picture is just playing tricks on your eyes. They’re awesome!

  11. stupid me not being 18 so i cant go to his page >:[

    what was that joke thing with the “orange you glad i didnt say banana” thing
    i cant remember it :0

  12. People always gotta have something negative to say.

    Ladies, keep it in your pants.

    Everyone else, do your homework before you make observations.

    Mateo knows what’s up

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