Don’t Be Terse and Don’t Be Shy

Says Necrotique, “I’m a pirate, baby.” Ha ha, remember the good old days, when you actually had to work to steal music, by trading tapes and such? Sigh.

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24 thoughts on “Don’t Be Terse and Don’t Be Shy

  1. thats pretty sweet. I’m a big fan of the “new age” pirates.Oh and sorry Necrotique, but i’m also lazy so i prefer not working hard to steal music…..great tattoo’s though.

  2. i likes it. and yes i too remember the days of having to press play on one tape deck, while pressing play rec on the other one. so high tec back then


  3. oh i love it! i remember taping music videos off tv then holding the cassette player to the tv to record my fav songs. everyone in the house had to be silent or id go crazy.
    recording off the radio is so unreliable because the dj ALWAYS talks over the song. :P

    and i love her piercings all matching and cute.

  4. #4 laurel – Yes, the DJ always talked over the song. Particularly if (like me) you didn’t want to miss the first part of the song, so would make sure to start taping while it was still just talk only, even.

    But you know what’s weird? Listening to old mix tapes I made 20+ years ago, I now find that it’s the DJ talking part that’s the BEST part, all nostalgic, because I can get a perfect digital copy of the song itself any old place. That and the old ads for places that are long gone, mentions of the “national railway” that’s long since been privatized, etc. The stuff I was so exasperated over, now I love…

    I do like the tattoo graphic, the reel holes work well for eyes.

  5. looks like the piratebay logo. i’ve been thinking of putting on a shirt, but it makes a pretty cute tattoo, as well.

  6. I agree with 8. Crooked septums drive me INSANEEEEE!!

    but i love that her piercings match. really cute. adorable tattoos also :]]

  7. #7 – I’ve seen severeal shirts with that exact logo. And shops that sell them. But then again, I live in Scandinavia.

    I’ve never really recorded music off the radio. But God, I love seeing the commercials breaks on tapes I’ve recorded of “old” movies.

  8. i’m digging the tats..

    i’m really digging the tapes ‘n tapes lyrics as the title. they are fucking awesome.

  9. Piratbyrån FTW!

    And hey… yet another swedish person that isn’t me… no, I’m not bitter… not at all….

  10. woot, I have one of these on my forearm, I got mine from Craphound. i’ve seen them sold at quite a few shops here in the states, usually with the phrase “home taping is killing the music industry” because they had a big campaign to try and get people to stop stealing music. deja vu anyone?

  11. trading tapes? what about shoplifting? way more fun than downloading and still takes some effort.

  12. I love her jewellery! The tattoos look great as well, but the first thing I noticed was how great the black jewellery looks against her pale skin. And her mouth is perfect.

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