57 thoughts on “The Whole Plane

  1. My plan was to say “I absolutely love this”.
    Now I’m going to have to go with “This is fucking amazing.”

    Simply perfect.

  2. I’m doubting there’s going to be a single comment on this that isn’t along the lines of wow.
    This is absolutely fantasticccccccccccccc!

  3. I really love the simplicity.

    Although, I wonder if the big black squares are covering anything up. That’d definitely be the easiest cover up job ever…

  4. interesting. never seen anything like this before. i think he should let the square on his abdomen go through his bellybutton.

  5. I’m starting to love solid black work more and more. It looks really solid (lacking those imperfections that can stand out in black work) and clean!

  6. Those are really lovely tattoos.. I cannot imagine how he could sit still for such complete coverage. Ouch!

    I really wanna feed this boy a nice solid, stick to his ribs meal tho. 😉

  7. i love black work squares, but i can’t understand why he decided to go around his navel. but god damn i do love the concept.

    oh and if we’re going to take pictures in the mirror, can we turn the flash off? thanks.

  8. Wow…. just….WOW. He is SMOKIN’. He pulls off the blackwork really well too. I actually kind of like how it goes around the bellybutton, it adds some interest to the piece.

  9. i’m usually not a huge fan of solid black work. with that said, i love the execution of this. very visually interesting and appealing.

  10. I like the tattoos; nice idea; but am I the only one that thinks this guy could do with a sandwich?

  11. A.) I love good-looking men.
    B.) I love heavy black work.
    C.) I love simple geometric shapes.

    This is fantastic and I’m inspired to do something like this on myself.

  12. yeah, i agree, #35. hes not too skinny he just happens to be skinny. he seems to come by it honestly.

    when i saw this i imagined from the black block on his chest that the color would spread out to his whole body like bleeding ink. cool..

  13. The blackwork is so deeply black it’s mesmerising. And some people just happen to be skinny! (this one up here happens to be a hot one too)

  14. i guess im the only person who doesnt like this. and his right arm is almost a complete Apnea Suicide ripoff. sorry to be negative but i calls em likes a sees em

  15. oh man, it’s been a long while since i’ve saved any images from modblog as inspiration, but this one definitely qualifies for the “OH MY GOD I WANT IT” folder.

  16. mmm… stunning and the work is so solid.

    I wonder how long this took and if he’s had them long and if he had to get any touch up work.

  17. Maybe I’m seeing things but I think I do see old tattoos under the black. A star on the belly, a cross on the chest…
    Great coverup! He looks hot.

  18. Wow on his chest… u can see this is a cover up job, there are some lines in the upper left hand corner. but not to bad for a cover up job! I love this tattoo. would be really cool if each square was a different solid color

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