Third-Wheel Legend

Hey, now here’s a rather simple, discreet cutting design — the sort of thing that’s probably likely to heal lightly and serve, more than anything, as a mostly private source of joy for the wearer. But oh ho ho, what’s this?

Ha ha, hey, it’s like an old school cycling jersey! But, um, with less blood, actually.

(Photos from Ze in Milan, Italy.)

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30 thoughts on “Third-Wheel Legend

  1. The fixie is never dead !!!!! I use every day my bianchi pista 73! and also I do a lot of free ride with my giant…

  2. Geo – I assume you mean ‘fad’…

    Fashions come and go in everything…A few years ago everyone was riding flatlanders, now loads of people are into fixies.

    A few years ago, everyone was getting snakebites, now loads of people are getting microdermals.

    No point stressing about it, just go with the flow and do whatever you want. :p


  3. i love bikes full stop. had my huge wheeled monster for ages used to be uncool but now everyone asks me where i got it. 😛
    its red and fast.

    cool cutting.

  4. uhm. i don’t really see how this could be a fixed gear…since it’s got no gears. or chainring. or chain. it’s more of a “choose your own adventure” bike. imagine it with ten speeds and a derailleur! imagine it with a freewheel! imagine it with a flipflop! the possibilities are endless. you could even add imagi-tri bars…

  5. Fixed Gear. there you go. i wrote it out. happy you bike nazi? yea i say fixie. whats the problem

  6. Bike nazi? haha.
    In order to be a bike nazi she would have to suggest only thinking one style of bike was the correct one. If your tattoo isn’t up here it obviously isn’t all that great. Also, if you’re going to comment on the design of the bike how about this…where the fuck are the spokes or even the chainring or pedals/cranks or chain lol.

  7. what i really meant to say is that i can call it whatever i want. i was completely kidding about my tattoo being up here *although it would be cool if it was). its just the drivetrain to a single speed on my bicep. look it up, i think its under sports tattoos. and although i really like this cutting, i would have added a few more things. or at least a crank with pedals. anyway. still awesome!

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