“Hang Out With Your Daikon Out!”

Oh hey, here is some sexy fun-time! Renowned produce aficionado, Mateo (top right), is up to his old tricks using vegetables and such for reasons other than God intended (adorning sacrifices). This time, he is hanging out with people are going to be his roommates soon, apparently! Convenient that they all enjoy covering their sinful bits with veggies. Another shot of Mateo and a strategically placed gourd, after the jump.

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20 thoughts on ““Hang Out With Your Daikon Out!”

  1. Seriously! Mateo is always stealing the spotlight with his rugged good looks!

    When’s gonna be my time?!
    When, Lord, WHEN?!

    The picture was masterminded by my roommate, taken by a future roommate, with my camera. And if y’all haven’t seen the other pictures that go with this one…you should probably take a look at my page. There certainly is more where that came from.

  2. Definitely just drooled a bit.

    Remove the fruit! Ugh, theres not enough naked modders online :(

    Naked mod porn ftw!

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