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Says tattoo artist Anji, “We’re going to be doing a ‘speaking bubble’ on the other wrist at some point.” Cute! In the meantime, what could Lora be thinking about? Hmm …

(Tattoo done by Anji Marth at High Priestess in Eugene, Oregon.)

And so the week has come to a close. What sorts of hilarious hi-jinx did we get up to this time?

  • BME was at the APTPI conference in Milan! Here is an account of those few days by Adam from
  • Everyone pretty much seemed to love these black boxes on a handsome young gent.
  • Marc from Swastika Freakshop’s deal with the devil continues to pay dividends, because this Ktulu piece is looking unreal.
  • One-hook resurrection suspension! Sweet sassy molassy.
  • Naked people? Check. Vegetables? Check. Penetration? Surprisingly little.
  • And here’s a fancy new BME News application for Facebook! Get it!
  • This baby killed a Smurf. But you can take her word for it, the Smurf had it comin’. When that Smurf’s kid grows up, if it still feels raw about it, she’ll be waiting.
  • Big weekend ahead for sports fans: The Georges St.-Pierre–B.J. Penn rematch at UFC 94 on Saturday night should be one for the ages, and then Sunday night, of course, is the Super Bowl. (Go Buzzsaw!) Whatever you do, stay safe. We’ll be checking in throughout the weekend as per usual, and then come Monday, do it all over again. Have a great weekend, everyone, and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

    8 thoughts on “This Week in BME

    1. It makes me wonder, how common it is to have a tattoo that’s partial art, so places left to fill in more temporarily?

      So, this think bubble or speech bubble or what, leave it blank on purpose and then the wearer can write things in there with a pen to fit the occasion, that will wash off and leave it blank for reuse…

      I think it’d be fun and convenient.

    2. <3
      I want these to be the next big thing…so I don’t have to do “breathe” in white on wrists any more. tattooers feel free to start doing these on everyone.

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