A Supposedly Fun Thing

This is Laura’s sweet tribute tattoo for her parents, done by Wendi Ramirez at Shaman Modifications in Austin, Texas. I have to say, dad looks like a fun guy. Panama hat? Mustache? Aloha shirt? Nicely done. I’m a sucker for cruise-wear, what can I say?

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17 thoughts on “A Supposedly Fun Thing

  1. I don’t mean to piss on what is a really nice, sweet piece there but… My mind wanders to certain intimate moments between a two lonely human souls, in certain positions, and the devastating effects that might be wrought upon the scenario by a smiling, moustachioed, flowery-sharted potential father-in-law beaming back up at someone in the throws of passion.

  2. Very sweet. Portrait tattoos seem mostly to be copies of photographs, often portrait photos. Many portrait paintings seem to have a certain standard look or formula to them as well. Doing a portrait in a different way would make for a more interesting and challenging tattoo.

  3. I’ll never do again.

    I like the work but I kind of agree with DreadLetter. There is a certain amount of creep potential.

  4. Sadly both her parents have passed away, so no worries about the “potential father-in-law”.

    I think this is a fantastic tattoo with a deep personal meaning. Wendi is a great artist that captured Laura’s parents beautifully.

  5. While I wouldn’t want my parents tattooed on my back, this is very well done. Especially Dad. I love Dad.

  6. Really nice portraits. You see so many shit portraits by non-artists…
    These look great and the personalities shine thru. Very sweet.

  7. #2: great point. i’m convinced to never get a portrait of my dad on my back. especially if he’s making a mean face. haha.

    that is a pretty sweet hat though. =p

  8. Thank you for your concern Dreadletter, but both of my parents are dead, so there is no potential father-in-law to worry about.

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