Always Bet on Black

This poor woman literally lost her shirt last night betting on the damned Arizona Cardinals. WHYYY? HOW DO YOU GIVE UP A 100-YARD TURNOVER? Sorry. I’m projecting. Congratulations, Pittsburgh.

Update! The lovely girl above is Chloé Ruggiero, and the photographer of this beautiful shot is Chris Blanchenot.

(Piercings by Passage Tattoo in Toronto, Ontario.)

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33 thoughts on “Always Bet on Black

  1. Damn right. You can’t fuck with Pittsburgh.

    And by that I mean the only thing this city has going for it is the Steelers. So please just let us have that.

  2. I just found it funny: at first, attention went immediately to football instead of the female. So typical. What a pretty lady, and what a great photo.

  3. She is beautiful. And the photo was well done too. I wouldn’t mind bumping into you on the streets of toronto one day.

  4. she looks crazy similar.. like, twinsy similarities to a friend of mine. same hair, same eyebrows and eyes, same nose, same mouth along with the soft smile that goes with it. sooo cute.

  5. Chloe is stellar! Not only is she totally gorgeous, but definitely one of the most interesting & inspiring people I’ve ever met. <3 ^_^!

  6. Incredible beautiful photoshop work. Probably she has nice skin, but you don’t know, because that kind of skin s done by an experienced user with a good photo-program. Now good pic, but MODblog…? Not very outstanding mods.

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