Hey Fellas, Got a Genital Piercing? Have Some Money [UPDATED]

UPDATE: Sorry everyone, the university has been overwhelmed with responses and needs a little while to sort them out! If they’re taking more applications, we’ll let you know.

No, really, it seems that easy:

The Department of Applied Health Science at Indiana University is conducting a research study designed to collect information on men’s sexual health and genital piercings. We are looking for men who have had their genitals pierced to participate in a phone interview that will be audio-recorded. The time commitment will be approximately 45 minutes and you will receive a $25 VISA gift card for completing the interview. In order to receive the gift card a name and mailing address is required.

To be eligible for this study, you must be at least 18 years of age, speak and understand English, and have had your genitals pierced.

If you are interested in participating please e-mail us with the following information at: xxxxxxxxx

- Your first name, or name you prefer.

- A phone number where you can be reached.

- Several times over the next 5 days when you are available to talk on the phone privately.

A member of the research team will call you to discuss the study.

For questions please contact xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

(Image at the top courtesy of the wonderful Kokomi.)

24 thoughts on “Hey Fellas, Got a Genital Piercing? Have Some Money [UPDATED]

  1. I looked at the top thinking WAHEY SEX.
    That’s far from sex.
    I kinda figured it’d be a penis when I scrolled down a bit =/

  2. ” designed to collect information on men’s sexual health and genital piercings”
    This seems like such a good oppertunity to get numbers that show that people with mods are clean normal (or mostly normal) sexual people

    ok what I was trying to say is that just cause youre pierced doesnt mean you have STI’s or STD’s.

    maybe normal isnt the word to use for this blog :)

  3. Sexist bastards.
    What about women with their junk pierced?
    I am fucking amazed by the fact that that penis can hold an orange. Seriously, is he like, clenching it? Is that even possible? It’s not like it’s holding a sponge or something, oranges have some heft to them!

  4. i sent in an email. it looks to me like the foreskin is acting like a rubber band and sqeezing it.

  5. My guess as to how he can hold the orange is because his penis is slightly erect and that pulls both sides of the split together against the orange. Either that or it’s because of the o-rings stopping the blood flow and causing both heads to swell slightly =/

  6. that looks so…odd. i can’t figure it out. that looks like a really fat penis. each split looks like one penis by itself. so confusing!

  7. Thanks to all who have already submitted their info. I am working on this project and we really appreciate everyones input. This isn’t a sexist study. We need to narrow down our focus groups to start somewhere. In preliminary work, men were far more likely to contact us regarding genital piercings. As the study develops we will be including women. So keep an eye out and please help out!
    We have actually received SO many responses that we are asking ot remove this posting for the time being. But we will need more at later dates.
    Again Thank you!!

  8. We’re pulling the info about the study since they’ve gotten so many responses they need time to process them. It will be back up once they’ve got it under control! :)

    Thanks everyone!

  9. I sent an e-mail, too. I got an automated response, though

    “Dear participant,
    Thank you for your interest in this study. We have received an overwhelming response to our ad and can’t possibly contact everyone at this time. We will definitely contact you to let you know if there is more room in the study.

  10. @Random:
    “Sexist bastards.
    What about women with their junk pierced?”

    There’s only so many variables that a scientific study can look at at one time. Sex is a variable. Having too many variables makes designing a study complicated and can make results muddy. In science, we have to learn to set up studies to answer questions CLEARLY as possible. In addition, in the USA any study involving humans – even if it’s only asking them questions – has to pass a committee called an Institutional Review Board (IRB).

    I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if there’s another ongoing study on women’s sexual health and piercings, or one planned for the future.

  11. so i just did my fone interview with the study and i should be getting my $25 soon. very nice lady. i was one of only 20 to be interviewed.

  12. Did my interview earlier today. I agree, the lady was very nice. Interesting questions too.
    Can’t wait to get my $25. Gonna put it towards a pair of earskins =)

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