Sweet Zombie Suicide

And here we have a portrait of Suicide Girl Zepp Suicide, on her boyfriend, and done by Johnny Stiletto at Baltimore Street Tattoo in Hanover, Pennsylvania. I have to say, it’s not uncommon to hear (former?) models complain about the conditions when working for Suicide Girls, but the fact that they’ll extend contract offers to the grisly undead? Hey, that’s pretty progressive.

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13 thoughts on “Sweet Zombie Suicide

  1. awesome tattoo!

    but it strikes me as kinda fuct that your willing to bring up how SG treats thier models poorly…but swastika pushers are celebrated without any comment from BME about the Holocaust, nazis, etc.
    BME has gone so far down the drain, its sickening.

  2. heretic138: Your comment is hilarious. You just called BME “swastika pushers”. What’s next, are you going to call Jordan and I self loathing jews?! I’m only half loathing but Jordan is full on!

  3. is #2 talking about Swastika “THIS IS NOT A FUCKING NAZI SYMBOL” Freakshop? If so, I think the irony is apparent.

  4. This is cute, but I’m gonna hate on it just a little bit because this Zepp girl has a really unique and cute nose and this zombie does not share that, and that’s a god damned crime.

  5. Ugh Suicide Girls.
    I seriously have no idea why anyone would sign up to model for them.
    Anyone with half a brain who actually read and understood the contract they make you sign would run in the opposite direction…
    mmmm… brains.

    Anyway pretty nice tattoo.

  6. I can’t wait til that bitch cheats on him, something which as an emotional invalid will drive him to howl like a wolf and cry like a girl, and then leaves him with this stupid tattoo. I love when that happens.

  7. I think its an awesome tattoo. The first thing I thought was “Eat your heart out, bitches.” Love the colors, personally.


    By the way….

    That’s because you are a dooche, Jon P. Is your dick so small you feel obligated to hope desperately for shitty things to happen to people just so you can feel some sensation?

    Go fuck yourself, if you can manage it.


  8. I modeled for this tattoo, my hair and eyes are a different color so technically its not me. I think it’s beautiful and the picture doesnt do it justice.

    responses to other comments:

    I have yet to be treated poorly by SG, and what goes on between corporate and the models is really not the business of any of you.

    I also think the tattoo captures the line of my nose very well and is the one part that makes it look like me.

    I also am not a dumb bitch, and I know what I was getting into before I started modeling for SG so whoever is against it without ever doing it can kiss me ass.

    and the person who called me a bitch can get over themselves. not every girl is a cheating nasty bitch, but i probably would be if i were whatever girl you date.

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