Devadander Abercrombie

Well well well, and here we have a stunning shot sent in by Aloewishes, with 45-degree nipple piercings by Kevin Jump at Beelistic Tattoo in Cincinnati, Ohio. Check out Aloewishes’s neat Perishable Jewelry on Etsy, and check out a bonus picture after the jump, because why the hell not?

See more in “Standard” Female Nipple Piercings (Nipple Piercing)

56 thoughts on “Devadander Abercrombie

  1. er….Fifth*

    Makes me want to take her as a second wife…my first one is sitting right here….she agrees.

  2. Fuck yeah, I love kevin, he’s a wonderful piercer. I feel privileged he works in Cincinnati. Oh yeah and this girl is hot, small tits rock!!!!

  3. her breast are perfect!! anything more than a handful is a waste….

    shes beautiful!

  4. SO pretty. Boobs are great in all sizes. But these are especially beautiful. (I have an affinity for smaller breasts..)

  5. I’ve always loved her jewelry, one of the reasons I started stretching my ears was so I could fill them with fun things like what she makes.
    She is absolutely gorgeous, really, damn near perfect as far as I’m concerned.

  6. #19: People eave great feedback for hack piercers and tattoo artists as well, doesn’t mean they do great work 😉 I think Perishables products are terrible, and selling dead mice? Seriously?

  7. “dead mice?”

    My dog keeps killing possums in my backyard. Maybe
    I can sell those also. They smell pretty bad though.
    Any takers? I will not be undersold!!

  8. Cool to see something done by the same guy who I go to.
    Kevin is an awesome dude and these piercings look awesome, not to mention the girl looks pretty too.

  9. lol, that shit on her etsy page is fucking hilarious! anyone who buys that shit, i will personally try to kill you because that stuff is fucking ridiculous seriously i’ll see you at starbucks

  10. is 38 DD TOO big for nip piercings? i feel like i want them but they’re too expensive

  11. Isn’t polymer clay extremely poisonous for skin?

    I read it releases chemicals into our system that are toxic and such and that lobes actually begin to grow INTO the clay like tree roots… I don’t know, if I don’t trust acrylic, there’s no way I’m wearing craft clay. If you can’t eat with it, it’s not going anywhere NEAR my ears.

    … that’s just my opinion though.

  12. i almost vomited in my mouth 😡

    if it were a cat i’m sure people would be more concerned. i guess it’s only because i’ve had so many great mice as pets and would never consider trapping them like that.

  13. very, very nice.
    the piercings, the red hair, the pretty face and small breasts….a dream 🙂

  14. Are those deep nostril piercings? I like the piercings, and I love her eyes. Beautiful!

    I also liked the jewellery she’s wearing in the other images. On BME.

  15. Is it really a good idea to advertise jewelery that is unsafe to wear? (As in, fimo? Which is what Perishables makes their jewelry from?)

    It’s lovely stuff, but it’s just plain not safe to wear directly against your skin.

  16. wow she is gorgeous!

    & i really love the piercings.. makes me want to get them but im afraid :[

  17. The mice are sold.
    Polymer is less dangerous than drinking beer or riding a bike in a busy city and even less dangerous than a combination of both.
    As long as you don’t constantly wear the jewelry day in and day out you are totally fine.
    But who constantly wears their jewelry anyway? Don’t you ever take your plugs out?
    Judging by the look of the jewelry it wouldn’t be that practical to wear it daily anyway.
    It looks uber decorative, like something you wear for an evening.
    Kind of like high heels, you wouldn’t wear them to yoga class.
    Or you can wear them in eyelits or choas softwear just fine.
    There’s really nothing else like them on the market except the cookie cutter stone and wood spiraly shapes I see everywhere that are totally mass produced by underpaid people overseas or in a factory pumping out chemical waste and requiring gallons of gasoline to distribute which is twice as toxic as polymer.

    Butt that’s just me.

  18. that shit is definitely NOT safe to wear at all because, as i’ve said, anyone who i see wearing it i will try to kill

  19. The narwhal ear weights are cute, but I would NEVER put that shit in my ears. Sorry. I don’t care how “safe” it is for occasional use.

  20. I WANT the narwhal ear weights. They are adorable. And I agree with Deerlert about the occasional wear/wearing through kaos stuff. I would wear them because they are awesome.

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