Swinging in the Chariot

Oh hey, it’s whathisname, that terribly unpopular fella from the television, Emperor Hope Hussein? Something like that? Anyway, Tony Styles from Long Island, New York, sent in this happy rendering of the man, with Martin Luther King Jr. behind him, keeping a watchful eye. Also, nice to see this is the American version of the president, what with the flag pin and all. Crisis averted.

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58 thoughts on “Swinging in the Chariot

  1. LMAO

    it’ll be great when Hussein’s popularity goes down in flames due to his ineptitude,and this person tries to defend his tattoo

  2. @#5- All political opinions aside, but that statement is assuming that this person will feel the need to defend their tattoo to anyone. Obviously, the tattoo means something to the wearer, and that feeling can’t be taken away, regardless of how Obama fares in office.

  3. he’s doing some stupid stuff, but what president hasn’t.
    the tattoo is great, good quality work as well.

  4. he’s been in office two weeks and he’s already proving all of us conservative nay-sayers right 😉

    i <3 #10

  5. ^ Yeah, can we not do this?
    Just focus on the tattoo itself and not turn this into another long suffering debate.
    All it takes is one snide comment.

  6. it’s a tattoo of an asshole…the wearer by extention then makes himself of the same cloth…snide my ass,it’s truth,deal.
    I notice you did NOT defend Hussein…just the tattoo of his stupid self

  7. By calling him by his middle name Hussein are we trying to be derogatory? Cause that’s what it seems like. Put him down because he has a name of ethnic origins, that is so on par with being tattooed and open minded and accepting.

    That said, it is a well done tattoo, a bit cheesy but whatever.

  8. Obama supporters can wake up and stop living in hippster world and pay attention to whats really going on

  9. Love the concept of the tattoo and would love to see some other views of it.

    It will take longer than two weeks to clean up the cesspool created by the village idiot that just left office… You want stupid? Bush was the poster child.

    Sorry that your fear of people of color blinds you to this man’s intelligence…but it’s hardly surprising. Yes, I did just call you racist idiots.

  10. hey! i resent that statement. im racist but not stupid. and obama does not = intelligent, just to put that rumour to rest. thankfully, i drank not of the koolaid.

  11. Hey I didn’t vote for him and that tattoo looks good. I support him because he is my president, I don’t have to agree with him. Racists are ignorant, and usually stupid too.

    And yes, how dare anyone with an Ethnic name become president! How dare they keep the name their parents gave them! Some European decendants need to wake the fuck up and realize the only REAL Americans (if you want to get technical) are the NATIVE peoples everyone ran out. Ya can’t tell people to go home if you’re not native yourself.

  12. Adwoa… color is the least of my worries when it comes to Obama. He supports Catholic socioeconomic doctrines, and some of his mentors and friends are black supremacists and terrorists.

    Actually, I firmly believe that the only reason he won is because he’s black.

  13. Racism isnt even a factor here unless you consider,the WHITE GUILT that many suffered voting for his dumb ass..blacks lack the number to get him elected..it was stoopid koolaid suckers who slurped from the fount of liberalism hidden by direct lies and covering up the fact he ISNT worthy of the office.

    and your right…I shouldnt call him HUSSEIN
    his actual name is BARRY SOETORO,and the mere fact he wasnt BORN here isnt important either is it??

    lazy koolaid slurping non thinking supplicant of liberal pap

  14. White guilt?! hahahahhaah! what a bunch of race traitors!!

    I like when color portraits are well done.

    I’m actually surprised at the negative feedback so far in this forum!

  15. this tattoo makes it look like martin luther king jr is raping obama.. which is ironic, because in reality its the other way around..

  16. Candice.. fortunately, your beliefs are irrelevant and sadly, your facts are skewed… but fear suits those who are ill equipped to adapt and thrive…. your kind is obsolete dear… evolve..

  17. You people make me sick. I live in New Zealand where racism is nowhere near as rampant, and I cannot believe the derogatory level you people will stoop to to undermine your president. Swiping at his intelligent and ability because of the colour of his skin? Everyone on here has at least some form of body modification; would you not have been judged at least once in your life because of said modification? Isn’t it the exact same thing? Judging people because of the way someone looks, yet you all fight to have the right to tattoos, peircings, and various other forms of mod? And believe me, I’m all about the right to look the way we want to — so why dig on someone because of their skin? Tattoos and skin colour are the same goddamn thing. You racist naysayers need to grow the f*ck up and learn that everyone has the right to be a part of society no matter what they look like. Get some perspective. It’s not 1946 any more. Jeez, I thought you guys were forward thinking and progressive.

  18. Post an Obama tattoo and the quality of this forum immediately degrades. It’s a real shame, guys. None of you know what the wearer had in mind when getting it, or even what his political party is. And I doubt they’ll ever need to “defend” the tattoo – Obama will always be the first African-American president.

  19. #30
    seriously the guys race has nothing to do with why i feel he is going to be a bad president
    yes bush sucked and Mc cain was not a good choice either
    simple point is obamma was the lesser of two evils hes gonna fuck up but not as bad as mccain would have. well prolly about equal

  20. yeah seriously. most of the obama doubters don’t even associate his race with his inevitable failure.

  21. social coma…your a fucktard,and you support that which I just called you.
    fuck off indeed…you’ll reap the whirlwind of your own idiocy,you fucking braindead asshole

  22. The tattoo isn’t bad. And to each their own. It is funny though that Obamas first bill is a pork bill though. How can they even call that a stimulus package? They should call it the ridiculous and pointless spending package. I agree that McCain sux too. Its crazy we only got to choose between 2 liberals. Its why conservatives stayed home on voting day. Obama got voted in purely on its historical value. That and the ACORN group registering fake votes under fake people and dead peoples names. And wow… thanks for giving us some of our tax money back but how about not taxing us that much in the first place. Ignorance voted for socialism and now we pay the price. People need to learn about history and politics before voting. There should be competency tests before people are allowed to vote. Now all we can do hope. Thats funny. Hope was Obamas slogan. Go figure. And it has NOTHING to do with the color of his skin. Its ridiculous that if you don’t like the politics of someone who happens to be black… you get called a racist.

  23. Honestly, this is ridiculous that even my favorite site to visit every day has to depress me by showing me how much hatred and racism exists in this country. I expect to see this kind of crap when I go to local news websites, but even now here? Wtf man. This is supposed to be a site where we embrace and support physical differences, and the same people who sit and want to be different and show individuality with mods are the SAME people that live in racist land and hate someone for the color of his skin. You can be open-minded when someone wants to have extreme body mods, but you can’t be open-minded when a black man wants to change a jacked-up country for the better. YOU people are what makes me ashamed to be American.

  24. Competency tests and the like for voting HAVE been used in this country to deny the vote to women and people of color, Synthetic War… I guess your studying of history did not reveal the horrible inequities that caused.

  25. she dreams of ink… wtf nobody said anything racist

    anti-Obama is not synonymous with anti-black

    get it right, everybody

  26. Goddamit you people disgust me.
    Liberal, open-minded website my arse. You racist sick fucks ought to be thankful you live in a country where democracy rules and you can at least have you say without being sent to prison. Thailand? You speak against your government and go to prison. Fiji? Speak out against Bainimarama and you’re likely to meet the same fate, if not worse. You have the RIGHT TO A VOTE and all you people can do is make disgusting comments and perpetuate conspiracy theories instead of being thankful that you live in a country where you can do pretty much anything you please.
    And you clearly don’t realise that the rest of the civilised world actually hates you (and by “you”, I mean the biased, white supremacists) and can’t wait for the day you all go up in smoke. Say what you will about Obama, at least he provides a bit of redemption for you stupid hicks in the rest of the worlds opinion after the oil-baron retard that was your last president (who you stupid idiots voted back in after he cheated his way in on the first term).
    You people really do think you’re the only country that exists in the world don’t you?

  27. Yes how dare we abuse our right to bitch. Yes its a step forward that a person of color got voted in does his color mater to me no yes bush was a fucking idiot but so was kerry and so was gore the fact is 95% of the time our options are too fucking morons that are gonna do nothing but put the country in debt and fuck us over its just picking witch idiot will do worse. I didnt like obama and i still voted for him because i belive hes gonna fuck us but mccain would have done us worse and honestly if you dont even live in this country why do you even care let us be our own down fall and worry about your own politics

  28. #46 – because even though america seems to think they live in their own little bubble and have absolutely no impact on the world, your country does. Very much so. Whether the rest of the world likes it or not, you pretty much rule the rest of what the civilised world does and it has a ripple on effect. Look at the economy. Where do you think that downfall started? America falls, and it’s like a house of cards toppling down because if you have no money to buy things in, where does that leave countries like mine whose main income is exporting? Fucked, is where.

    And candice — you know what. I’m not even going to go there. Too easy. You are obviously a sad little troubled person with severe self esteem issues that takes it out on others so I’m not going to add to your misery by throwing my two cents in. A few swear words would hardly change someone as pigheaded as yourself.

  29. kayla. you said you weren’t gonna waste your time, yet you wrote over 3 lines.


    the united states of america is the best country on the planet. deal with it.

  30. #48
    well gee maybe you guys should become a more self suffcient country?

    and i doubt were the only country you guys export too

  31. kaylas opinion is null and void because 50% of new zealand lives on bondi beach 😛

    and i dont know about new zealand but australia is equally racist…cronulla riots anyone?

    that said, any riot that contains a bbq, is fine by me.

  32. what most of you dont realize is that Martin Luther King Jr was one of the greatest republicans in American history.
    All you Obama fans would be surprised to realize the only similarity between the two is the color of their skin, and hope for peace.
    I do not like Obama, but this is a good tattoo none-the-less.

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