Put Him in a Bodybag

And here we have our old friend Uranium Hobo, who, in this picture, seems to be practicing an advanced fishhook technique. Sweep the leg!

See more in Scalpelled and other large gauge lip procedures (Lip Piercing)

23 thoughts on “Put Him in a Bodybag

  1. i thought he had his lip wrapped all the way around but then i was like wait whys it going off the side of his face then i understood …i’m dumb

  2. I love uraniumhobo. Though I wish you would have put up the picture of him with his cat on his head instead of this one.

  3. Very nice, seems to have little blowouts on his nostril gauges… That is a first for me.

  4. woooo for brandon :D
    yeahhh, why didnt you send in the kitty picture?

    and you have such nice nails!

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