Phwoar blimey, he’s a busy man isn’t he! He’s got four working offices!!

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Nature gives you the face you have at twenty, but it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty 10mm/7mm nose tusks, 25mm septum and 53mm/25mm lips.

– Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel (sort of).

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44 thoughts on “Tuski

  1. im sorry thats not attractive. how does he kiss talk or eat….its just an overload. but as long as hes happy whatever i guess.

  2. Well, it’s your face…
    As long as you like it that way, but it’s not my cup of tea. Although i’m sure my cup of tea would fit through that lip of his…

  3. Dear People Who Always Leave Negative Comments On Videos Like This,

    Perhaps you should, oh, stop clicking on the “Play” button? Or at least just keep your opinion to yourself because there is absolutely no reason to notify everyone that you personally wouldn’t have somebody else’s modifications.

  4. 8/Sam

    There’s just as much reason to not leave a good comment.
    Gotta take both positive and negative in stride.

    I really like the nose work, I think that looks pretty cool, like a lot of people, lip plates just don’t look good to me. I have no problem with them really, just nothing about them appeals to me visually.

  5. I like this song. Does anyone want to tell me who the artist of the artist is?

    And right on, way to do what you want with your face!

  6. Yay Jenya! :D

    What’s the point of complaining that you don’t like how he looks? Why don’t you attack fat people? They “made themselves that way” too. “taking the good and bad in stride” seems to be a stretch for justification.

  7. Jordan, according to his iam page its 1 single stretched piercing

    professional internet stalker here :)

  8. That is incredible. Jenya, can you even feel that tusk when you put it through your nostrils and septum when they all have plugs in them? Also, did you punch your septum cartilage? My septum is at a 00g, but I think if I went any bigger my nose might not allow it because of the cartilage in the way.

  9. Jenya is adorable.

    I didn’t like the labret at first, but he makes it work. And I love the flower teflon tunnels he makes.

  10. whatever anyone says a lip plate of that size is not functionable but good on him if he likes it….you cant expect to get no negative comments!we dont live in a bubble

  11. I like his piercings (not a fan of such big lip plates, but each to their own), but his sexy eyebrow waggling was way cuter.

  12. #18/Fxlyre

    Why only expect praise though? That seems a little selfish. If you want you image displayed so that people talk about it, you have to expect and anticipate the bad.

  13. Alright… I’m not gonna be negative. It’s impressing in it’s sheer magnitude… and aesthetically not-so-much my thing but it doesn’t bother me or anything. I’m immune to shock, I think…

    My only concern is that he’s like, 22… and I am curious as to his job. Everyone can now freak out on me for being “that” person… But really, it IS a concern in this time period, regardless of whether it’s right or wrong…

  14. its a concern for those that make it a concern and honestly i do know where youre coming from but it is possible to live without working for someone else it depends what kinda person you are,the upside of the recession is it may make people re-evaluate their place on the capitalist treadmill…….but on a more realistic tip having holes in your face of that size will definitely make it nigh on impossible to find work anywhere

  15. #34: Jenya works for himself. He makes and sells plugs.

    I love this video. Jenya always amazes me. He is so passionate about his modifications and he really, truly loves them. He is such an inspiration. =D

  16. In all honesty I commend his dedication it’s beyond impressive. I am naturally curious to watch and hear him talk. I’ve watched his videos of him eating various foods and drinking. Pretty fascinating.

  17. return of the tribal – like it a lot!

    technical question:
    what did he do to the inside of his nose,
    that he can put such tapers through it?

    “only” streched his septum
    or cut out the thing in the middle?
    (you know the part which mick jagger is said to have out of gold)

  18. Wow, a bit too much for me, but kudos for the dedication!

    I’d love to have a big septum, but mine became too visible even at 5mm, so I’ve had to downsize :-( Ah well.

  19. I don’t see why so many people are leaving such negative comments, This is a body modification website!
    If you don’t like it, why are you a part of it?

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