Venus by Maria Tash is Hiring!

From their lips fingers to your ears eyes:

Venus by Maria Tash is hiring!

We are looking for experienced professional piercers to work in our busy, upscale Manhattan studio. You must have a portfolio, resume and references. We ask that you be clean, neat, drug free, and have the ability to handle our high profile clientele professionally and efficiently.

If you are interested, please email your resume and references to Meg at [email protected] for consideration. Please include a headshot and short bio as well.

(Microdermals on laowai4life by Meg.)

23 thoughts on “Venus by Maria Tash is Hiring!

  1. that shop is terrible. walked in there last year with my sister who’s not very ”modified” to say the least and they were so rude to us in..”what the fuck are you doing in here?”. we were asking about prices (which are also ridiculous, like..who’s working in there? the michael angelo of tattooists?) and they were mumbling and not really even helping us, so we both looked at each other and just walked out.

    i’ve read a few reviews where the owner and/or workers try to defend people accusing them of being rude but really, there’s no point in defending it if it’s happened on more than a couple of occasions. people need to realize that just because your face isn’t full of piercings and your hair isn’t a rainbow that, yes we are interested in mods too.

    it’s funny how people with mods feel discriminated yet us who don’t have so many are also discriminated 🙂

  2. I’m probably just nit-picking, but
    That row of m’dermals is just so slightly off center and it’s driving me insane.
    Also the line alters on the third one down, and then again for the last two.
    – ahem –

  3. i got my very first piercing there (eyebrow) and they were very nice……..expensive yes………

  4. Iva,

    I’m so sorry you had a bad experience at our 4th street location. The entire staff of that store has been replaced because of people having issues just like you. We have a new manager there, as well as two new tattoo artists. Give us another shot.. I think you will be quite surprised at the different atmosphere!

  5. The prices on their website didn’t seem all that ridiculous.
    The only decent shop in Burlington, VT (now closed) charged
    90$ for genital piercings. Anyhow, VbMT doesn’t say what
    kind of jewelry they pierce with, i cant imagine that they
    use that swank navel kitch for everything…

  6. not gonna lie, I’m VERY surprised no one has bitched about job ads on Modblog… I’m definitely loving the microdermals though, they’re amazing!

  7. im not defending the shop as i know nothing about them, but alot of ppl seem to forget that piercers/ tattooist can have those “got outta the bed on the wrong side” days as well.

  8. i do apologize for saying the shop is ”terrible” maybe that was too harsh a word.. but, even if the staff was replaced, i still read reviews from december of 2008 which was, 2 months ago?

    and no i haven’t forgotten that people have ”off” days, but, when you’re working with people on a daily basis… you need to teach yourself how to handle yourself properly in all types of situations. at the end of the day you’re helping to run a business. losing customers because of your own personal issues is ridiculous. i’ve never worked at a place where my boss was like ”well you’re not feeling good today, you don’t have to be nice to everyone that walks in here”
    it’s more like ”i don’t care about your personal business, that stays at home” haha

    but yeah i can’t say the shop is terrible, they obviously have business and customers who keep coming back. i’m just saying that i’ve heard and read a bunch of bad experiences and have myself experienced it.

    moral of my rambling….do unto others as you would have done unto you. but who hasn’t heard THAT before 😉

  9. As far as posting job ads on modblog:

    Meg has been a huge contributor to BME and anything we can do to help out the community and match reputable shops who have been established for a very long time with members of our community. Considering the economy and how many people are unemployed, I think it makes sense for us to help out as much as possible until we have a proper employment board.

  10. # 11

    If you have rent and bills to pay and work with the public, you can’t afford to have ”off days”.

    I work with the public, and even when I am feeling shit I plaster a smile on my face and try to be nice. At the end of the day, they are paying my wages and don’t deserve me being a brat to them. Same goes for piercers – I’d hope that any piercer I go to would be friendly and reassuring before they stick a needle through me.

    If their off days affect the way they do they job, perhaps they’d be better suited in a job where they don’t have to interact with people, sitting behind a computer all day.


  11. Rachel, I agree with you completely! 🙂

    – I was talking about how people nowadays seem to bitch about how a lot of people seem to bitch about every other entry.

    Oh wells, here’s to the awesomeness of modlblog.

  12. Maybe things are slightly slightly off, but I think it may look more so because the photo isnt dead center on, She’s kind of sitting at a slight angle and her head is off to the side.

    I’m not a rocket scientist… But I’m sure if everyone who has multi piercings go and look in the mirror right now one of their lobes are a little higher, one nostril a little lower, and a lip piercings slightly more to one side than the other.

    I think it looks awesome!

  13. (Not being a rocket scientist has nothing to do with my last comment, I was just stating the fact that I know nothing of the science of rockets!)

    I’m so lame… BUT I’M SORRY FOR NOTHING!

  14. Yay for Meg and yay for Venus and yay for me!
    Those were surface piercings, top two done by Meg & bottom by Brian Decker. It was hard to pick how they should line up because my chest is very asymetrical (no, really – two totally different shapes for the two sides of my rib cage).

  15. RebeccaL: The work does look well indeed, but what do you expect from Meg and Decker?

    As for those stating its off, I definitely say listen to RebeccaL and Colie Olie DeStroy. The pictures are taken off-center and those with a trained eye can spot the asymmetry in her chest, that ain’t wrong its just how each person is slightly different.

    As for Iva and her experience. Reading “a bunch” of experiences from two months ago is hardly a correct way of gauging a business’ abilities and customer service skills.

    When people are hired they go through moderate training (depending on their experience) of how the business exactly works. That usually takes a couple days to even a couple weeks (especially for new counter staff that can take months). Then factor in the receiving/dealing of complaints, you don’t just fire them on the spot. You first help them try to work past that and how they can alter how they do things. If it continues you warn them and write them up. Third strike, its firing time.

    However sometimes shops draw it out longer than the three strike rule. Or sometimes it takes a few months for the third strike to come,etc.

    My point is simply do not base their shops on a few experiences you’ve read that have occurred within the last two months. Especially when it involves ONE of the number of shops they own. I say go back in to any of their shops and see if its different, give them another shot.

    As for price, you get what you pay for people. Gold and Diamonds ain’t cheap. Venus is providing a much different shop concept then the average studios. Its not every day that you walk into a tattoo and piercing studio and the employees have to wear business attire,etc.

  16. personally, i think the asymmetry of her chest makes it more attractive. perfection is for the heavily photoshopped. 😉

    i have a vertical row of stars tattooed on my sternum and just about anybody who looks at them will say the top one is off-center. i had major spinal surgery and as a result, one shoulder is higher than the other, throwing off the symmetry of my torso and making everything about me look slightly canted. my tattoo is centered as far as my breasts are concerned, but if you were to use my shoulders to gauge it, the top one is way off. ;D

    and as far as complaints go – having managed a customer service desk in the second largest mall in the country (being Canada), i can say that oftentimes the people who do the complaining are blowing things out of proportion. yes, people do have complaints, and sometimes at their roots they’re well-founded grievances, but more often than not people get emotional and things are taken completely the wrong way. i’ve heard some people say horrible things about my tattoo artist and the shop he works in, even though i’ve never once encountered anything but the best service and treatment from him and the staff that work there. to each their own, right? different situations and all that sort of thing.

    and on an actual mod-related note, i really do love this picture, the piercings, everything about it. ^_^ now i think it’s high time for me to go to bed before my rambling gains epic proportions and takes over Modblog.

  17. The surface piercings are lovely. I am somewhat obsessive about symmetry, but I don’t see anything wrong with these, and I’m kinda bored of people not taking into account that this sort of work is on a living human body, and the piercer can only do their best with someone’s anatomy, and as soon as that person walks out the door, they have no control overy things such as migration and rejection. So all things considered, THESE ARE PRETTY GOOD.

    Good luck to anyone applying for the job! 🙂

  18. LOVE the microdermals. And the subject’s body
    I can’t help but be disappointed sometimes when the majority of women who feature on modblog have bodies that resemble those of models, which isn’t really a fair reflection of the general female form.
    (This isn’t an attack against modblog, for all I know, the vast majority, if not all, of entries could happen to be just that, of slim figured women. Not accusing anyone of actively choosing to post smaller women as opposed to bigger women. Just, it’s nice for me to see, at least. If I went that way, I know for a fact I’d go for a fuller figured girl.)

  19. I liked Natalie’s comment (#22). We see far less Ken-doll like men on here than we do Barbie doll women. I mean, hollywood perfect bodies are beautiful to look at and for what they are, certainly have a valid place on BME, and anywhere else for that matter. So this is not to discriminate against those body types either, because if they made it to modblog, perfect or not, they are incredible pictures to look at..

    *But* I love it when I load modblog and see bodies that are reflective of how most people actually look – imperfections and all. It’s a different kind of beauty, absolutely, but no less incredible in my never humble opinion.

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