Night of a Few Dozen Scars

Hey, look, it’s an article that combines some of my favorite things: Booze, random sex and scarification. But not in a good way! All Wayne Robinson, 24, of Fleetwood, Lancashire, wanted was a late-night drunken summer hook-up, like so many other 20-somethings. Unfortunately, he called up local idiot Dominique Fisher, who decided that once her suitor had nodded off for the night (with some help from noted sleeping aids vodka and Valium), she, uh, sliced him up for some reason? Seriously?

Mr Robinson woke to find his body decorated with a star on his back, ‘Dominique’ written on his upper right arm, and numerous slash marks on his left arm and shoulder.

[…] he was not awake during the incident on the night of June 14 last year.

Mr Robinson said he panicked when he woke up and took a taxi back to his home in Fleetwood, Lancashire.

He said: ‘I went to her place for sex, not to be tattooed. I can’t believe she did this to me and I hate her.

‘When I woke I was covered in blood. Dominique was snoring. I just had to get out of there. I didn’t even wake her to ask what she’d done.’

‘I’m scarred for life,’ he told The Sun. ‘I wish I’d never met her.’

Good grief. Look, everyone knows that it’s perfectly acceptable to tattoo people when they’re asleep — hilarious! — but this is really crossing a line. It’s a dangerous world out there, and really, if we can’t get shitfaced and pass out at the homes of strange ass, well, where can we take refuge?

Fisher was convicted of unlawful wounding, which sounds slightly worse than a traffic violation, and will be sentenced at the end of February. The article did mention, however, that she perpetrated the attack with a Stanley knife, a.k.a a box-cutter, therefore, she is a terrorist, throw her in a secret C.I.A. prison, the end.

One-night stand man wakes to find lover has carved her name into his arm [Daily Mail — more pictures here, too]

43 thoughts on “Night of a Few Dozen Scars

  1. WTFFF!? Who the hell thinks that’s an ok thing to do.. taking drawing on a drunk persons face to the next level.
    That doesn’t look like it will scar too bad though.

  2. I was hoping Warborn would weigh in with a typically measured and thoughtful response to this story. Phew.

  3. Bahaha, that is hilarious.
    and slightly frightening.
    This is a important lesson, women are insane and you should never go home with a strange woman.

  4. She’s described in the atrticle as an “idiot,” but sounds more like a psycho to me. Poor guy is probably soured on one-night stands for a while — at least with booze and pills

  5. At least they don’t really look that bad. And maybe he’ll have a daughter and name her Dominique!

  6. Damn, some girl carves up this dude while he’s passed out and gets an “unlawful wounding” violation, but that dude who’s a licensed practitioner doing consensual scarification gets aggravated assault? Perfect example of injustice.

  7. “i think the scars that are on his shoulder in the pictures in the link look pretty cool actually.”

    glad I’m not the only one hahah

  8. Wow, that is horrible.

    That said, I occasionally lurk around the blog of a woman who is in a full-time total power exchange relationship and voluntarily has her owner carve certain messages into her chest area with an x-acto knife or box cutter, but they fade to be much less noticeable over time and so she renews them.

    Point being, it’s POSSIBLE they’ll fade quite a bit with time, but I suppose there’s no telling really.

  9. I completely agree with Random. Dominque probably has a cutting fetish, like many of us do and brought it up to Mr. Drunkard. If he couldn’t remember having sex with her, it’s very possible that he didn’t remember giving her permission to do that.

  10. Terrible things can happen when you get drunk and have sex/go off with strangers. You could get killed. Or have unsafe sex (and die or at least get a gift that keeps on giving). Or be cut, tattooed, robbed, or forced into other situations you might not want.
    When you swim with sharks you may get hurt so you have to be aware. Men can’t think it can’t happen to them.
    I’m glad this poor guy didn’t end up castrated or worse.

  11. what a pussy.
    i’d tote those around as proof of the night…
    and if they healed perfectly i’d be soo bummed.

  12. And I doubt if he’s “scarred for life”. He’s actually pretty lucky he didn’t lose a nut. (I’m not sure why he thinks he’s been tattooed.)

  13. I know, that and that they’re in separate countries.
    And also, I didn’t really realise that “malicious wounding” was a felony, lol. The name just makes it sound so wussy, haha.

  14. apparently there is also something on his back, a flower i think, but i havent seen any pictures of that. the scars on hils shoulder will look quite amazing when healed!


  15. “Dude, I bet he was awake for it and was just black out drunk and now he’s pissy and wants to take it out on her.”

    …. dude, if someone is that drunk, they’re not capable of consent.

  16. Hehehehe… thats MY name! I feel sorry for the guy though… could always just profess a love of gymnastics if anyone asks.

  17. tomato, unlawful wounding is the most serious offence of this type (injuring a person without killing) under english law. It carries a maximum life sentence. Fingers crossed…

  18. I think this man deserved to get cut up for just going to stranger’s house for sex.
    very cool design she done on this dumb and drunk guy.
    it is his fault.

  19. Maybe when she gets outta jail, she could start apprenticing and turn it into a career. Actually make some money out of something she’d obviously do for free.

  20. Maybe when she gets outta jail, she could start apprenticing and turn it into a career. Actually make some money out of something she’d obviously do for free.

  21. “Slightly worse than a traffic violation”?

    Wounding with intent is an offence under section 18 of the Offences Against the Person Act 1861, maximum life sentence, the most serious non-fatal violent offence in English law.

  22. He’s the one that looks more insane to me, though if he didn’t give his consent, i call raep.

    (but srsly, the cuttings on his shoulder look kinda cool and I’d totally let her cut me for sex…)

    That said – yes, women are totally insane and that’s what I like about them.

  23. (well, in this situation, it really isn’t helpfull to wake up an yell “hey, cut it out!”)

  24. good point, dont stay the night at a stranger’s house. or, you know, dont fuck a stranger in the first place. you never know what kind of diseases she can give you.

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