Happy Sunday, ModBlog

Huh, what do you know? I just got up, and … now I think I have to go lie down again. Funny, that.

(Four dermal anchors and one surface piercing by Denise at Jamming Piercing in St. Gallen, Switzerland.)

See more in Surface Bar Piercing (Surface & Unusual Piercing)

19 thoughts on “Happy Sunday, ModBlog

  1. What a great way to start the day … and the piercings and dermal anchors are hot as well!!!

  2. I feel like the ones on her boobies are gonna reject SUPER fast and she’ll catch them on everything. But hopefully I’m wrong.

  3. Does she have breast implants? They are nice either way (oh yeah so are the piercings) I was just curious…

  4. it looks like there is some sort of discoloration or weird folding going on under the breasts; maybe that’s the lighting. but they look very real to me. if they’re implants, whoever did them did a fantastic job.

    either way, i love this.

  5. This is really beautiful. I’ve had a hard time healing the surface and dermal anchors in my sternum. I love the ones on her tits. but they’re not going to last.

  6. picture looks amazing visually.

    wonder how long she’s had the microdermals though since they’re all pointing in different directions…

    The left(our right) nipple looks like its got an owie too, poor nipple and its owie.

  7. Ugh, I’ve just had a really bad day and I feel like total crap, and then i open modblog and see this fantastic set of breasts, and I feel like they’re judging my own pair to be unworthy. *sigh*

  8. I agree with jenn they do look very real if they are implants but that was my first thought too when seeing them.

  9. thank you all for the nice comments!!!
    this realy made MY day!!!

    the anchors are all about one year old. they moved alittle bit during the healing process, that’s why they are not totaly flat to the skin.
    (yes, putting a bandage on the anchors at night during the first couple of weeks is REALY worth it!!!!!)
    but the girl, as yu all recognized has realy nice boobs and she doesn’t like plasters on them!!!
    YES, these breasts are 100% real!!!!

  10. YES, very nice tits. A little small for me, but still nice. I have an appointment next week to get a dermal on my sterum, nervous! If it goes well, clavical next 🙂

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