They Throw Themselves

How do you add to the beauty of majestic Patagonia? You have La Negra do a resurrection suspension in its midst, of course.

See more in Ressurection Suspension (Ritual)

26 thoughts on “They Throw Themselves

  1. was a great first experience
    the place, the people around..the sweet sound of the water
    im still in the mood

  2. Thats awesome and beautiful!!!

    Is it wrong that I think it would be kind of funny if the hooks like ripped out and she fell in the water? haha

  3. vomit.: marc -little swastika- cut the ropes time to time, 6 hooks, 4 , 2 ..water..
    was amazing goes into the cold water , the real resurrection!

  4. La Negra: Haha thats awesome, I should have thought of cutting the ropes instead of having the hooks rip… cause having the hooks rip would suck pretty hard I imagine haha

  5. Oh VOMIT, YES! Imagining it to be funny that such a terrible thing would happen to our friend La Negra Is Wrong! That would be like drowning a sack of lolCats, WRONG!

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