“Cholo Power”

New rule: La Negra can be on ModBlog whenever she damn-well pleases. All in favor? Excellent.

(Photo by Martin Del Pozo in Buenos Aires, Argentina.)

43 thoughts on ““Cholo Power”

  1. I have a sad little girl-crush on La Negra. I made an awesome stencil of her Gorilla Glass promo but my mom destroyed it. No bueno!

  2. In favor, of course.
    In a fair world she would be declared world heritage by the unesco.
    I mean, fuck those old beheaded statues.

  3. It occurs to me I’ve previously asked for this girl… http://bmezine.com/pierce/05-lips/A90218/high/fvh2-saturday-night.jpg …to be featured as a living example of how heavy facial mods (implants, etc) can go along with prettiness.
    Well, screw that.
    Instead you should make a special feature akin to the one about lip discs (the one with Toph etc.) and title it “Girls with horns” or something like that.
    If you don’t, Modblog will officially be declared wussiest site on TEH INTERWEBS, ha ha ha ha!



  4. Don’t be fooled. She sews bags, burps, never cleans her house, doesn’t drink alcohol and goes to Church every Sunday (and sometimes on a Tuesday night too).
    And she’s only 4’10″.
    Those horns aren’t real either, she sticks them on for photos and Photoshops the boundaries smooth.

    NegraBlog. Vaguely erotic.

    Credit where credit is due though, she looks not bad for a 47 year old.

  5. This picture is so soft and feminine, different from a lot of her other more harsh or strong picture. But there all gorgeous. She’s such a strong looking women! Girl crush haha.

  6. I’m sorry, what a freak. Just because you *can* pierce all different parts of your body, and even embed *whatever* under your skin to give you horns or whatever…WHY? What do you THINK people are going to think of you when they see you? it doesn’t even make her more attractive, and she looks like she puts her make up on with a paint roller.

    I’m all for body mods, I have my eyebrow pierced and 3.5 tattoos (i have a small one on my arm I have been gradually removing by putting cigarettes out on it) for years I’ve thought of piercing the webbing between my left thumb and index finger but haven’t done it yet, but why anyone would spend thousands of dollars modifying their bodies like this is totally beyond me. Think of how many other things you could do with those thousands of dollars she spent making herself look like a freak.

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