Six-Hour Suspension

It’s not infrequent that we touch on the subject of how difficult it is to do something in the arena of suspension that’s truly unique, which says more about the popularity of the act than the creativity of the people involved in it, but nonetheless. Well, Chris Glunt (who, we should mention, is very experienced with suspension) recently undertook a suspension that was low on theatrics, but which relied on a rare sort of dedication. On his blog, Allen Falkner writes:

Believe it or not, his goal was not to tie, or even break the record. Although he did, his real goal was to attain a new experience. Prior to hanging he did a week long fast and then deprived himself of sleep for a night. Chris did fall asleep for 45 minutes 3 hours before suspending and really I’m not sure what effect that may have had on his whole experience.

I know one of his goals was to pass out, sleep or possibly leave his normal mental state. Did he accomplish it? By his own account, no. However, I feel that he is still processing the whole experience. As someone that has done both fasting and sleep deprivation experiments, I can honestly say that it takes a bit of time to put it all in perspective. The experiences are exhausting and draining by themselves. Combine a 6+-hour suspension in with that and the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual change can and will take some time to fully comprehend.

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Chris Glunt’s Six Hour Suspension [Hooker Life]

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  1. @ DeadlyPoison: Me, too! He did put up a summary of it on his IAM page, and I hope that he’ll get around to submit an experience to BME.

  2. So here is a brief description of the suspension i did. If you guys have any specific questions just ask!

    So the past month or so ive been trying to prepare myself for a different suspension experience. I definitely don t suspend with the regularity i use to. This is mostly in part to being busy all the time. Suspending had just became automatic i decided i was going to do something and with no preparation i just did it. Hanging from hooks wasnt really the same anymore it no longer was something that was necessarily challenging. I still appreciated doing it but i had to be somewhere perfect or it would just be for a performance somewhere.

    I ve always been jealous of people who passed out while going up i just wanted to see what was going on in their head while they were out. When i was young my friends and i use to make each other pass out and i always had a really vivid dream while unconscious that seemed to last much longer than i was out. I assume this is the same thing that would happen if i passed out on hooks.

    Ive done enough suspensions by now to know that im not going to pass out under normal circumstances so this time i tried to make myself as vulnerable as possible. I altered my diet for over a month slowly cutting out everything but master cleanse lemonade. The week before i suspended i had been on the master cleanse the first 3 days i ate a bagel with peanut butter on it mostly out of just wanting to ease into eating nothing at all. the last 4 days i had nothing to eat just the lemonade. The night before the suspension i didnt sleep. I had been awake since saturday at 8 am other than falling out for about 45 min at 7 am on sunday. I tried to stay awake but my body was weak and tired from fasting and i also quit drinking caffeine this weak too so it was pretty hard. I quit consuming any water or lemonade at 4 am so urinating while hanging would be reduced and i could stress my body even further.

    So sunday at 1030 am or so i got pierced. We threw 3 hooks at a time other than the last odd one. i was hoping that maybe the piercings would make me pass out but no luck. I dont think they hurt any more than normal. After that everything got rigged and i went up. I was glad to finally be up i had put alot into this suspension. Being up wasnt really any worse than normal either. I figured this might happen so i decided i was going to try and hang for at least 7 hours in hope that the duration of the suspension might provoke some kind of more intense experience later on.

    The first 3 hours was really good. I tried to stay pretty stationary and just close my eyes and focus on the suspension. After that all the random aches and pains started sinking in. No matter how warm the room was i kept getting colder and colder. Ever since i quit eating meat while adjusting to fasting ive been cold especially in my hands. I was suspending directly over a portable space heater on full blast and i was still freezing. After 4 hours or so i got really bored and decided to watch a movie previous to that i had been hanging by myself with just some music playing. After 5 hours or so my legs had gone numb and my knee felt like it was twice the normal size. My back neck and face was killing me from being in 1 position for so long. after 5 and a half hours it just kept getting worse. I started getting more and more concerned i was going deeper into shock. I couldnt stay warm and my body was starting to shiver uncontrollably. I had hoped to have a medic present but never got anything lined up. So basically i stayed up for 6 hours and came down due to medical concern.

    Fuck does coming down from a 6 hours horizontal suspension hurt. On top of that i felt like my body was being smashed into the ground with a very intense pressure for about 15 minutes or so after i came down. My whole body hurt and i had barely enough strength to sit up for awhile. After all the hooks were out and i could move around i took a hot shower got bandaged up and passed out for about 5 hours or so.

    Thanks alot Ed, Ron, and Allen for helping out i never could have pulled this off without you guys.

  3. Kudos to having the strength to pull a suspension off especially after fasting and sleep deprivation. I could never be able to do this.

  4. I’ve read about all of these acts before (fasting/sleep deprivation/suspension) but for some reason this particular story was really inspirational – I’ve never attempted to reach any sort of altered state but I think fasting and sleep deprivation alone would be a good place to start.

    Thanks for the description Chris.
    Would you say you got what you wanted or expected out of the experience?

  5. Nice!
    I did a superman for 2 hours, my second suspension, but I had to pee and someone else wanted to go up, so I came down. And then had my hooks removed and booked it to the washroom…
    Peeing in a bucket is much, much harder when you’re female..
    It’s a nice experience though.. I hope you got a lot of good out of it!

  6. amazing story, hope you can achieve your goal sometime in the future, and when you do, i hope i can read about it.

  7. Wow.
    I didn’t realize anyone did suspension for reasons other than dick measuring anymore. Should of known it would be Chris who rebelled and did something interesting. Well done, fella.
    First drink in Vegas is on me.

  8. This is truly impressive, and I also want to thank Chris for posting that up there. I don’t even know what to say, I’m so awestruck.
    I’m really curious as to whether getting back into a normal eating/sleeping cycle was any more difficult after so much shock to the body… that is, if Chris went back to a normal eating/sleeping cycle at all, or if he even plans on it 😛

  9. Great stuff!!!!
    Two additional hooks in the lower arms may halp a lot for the neck. I hung 3h like that, and resting the head on the arms helped a lot in avoiding neck troubles! Also maybe even bigger hooks in the back – 5mm instead of 3mm may help to obtain long term comfortable hanging (I had 2 hooks with 5mm and they felt a lot better (painless) than the 3mm hooks (which also were Ok, but not perfect).

    It is a strange thing, but unvoluntaily, I hat a suspension like that, strongly sleep deprived by one night train travel, and a lot of work into the night of the next day while getting up at 4pm. So also not too much to eat or drink. Obviously the worst possible preparation? Now the suspension was really great….

  10. Craig – i didnt get what i was hoping for. Which is ok since you rarely get what you want out of a really intense experience most of the time you end up getting something different but still useful nonetheless.

    Shawn – See you in vegas!

    The sky conspires – Getting back to sleeping normal hours has been a little rough. Eating was fairly easy to i took it easy and ate several small meals untill i got used to eating normal portions again. I would have to say not eating was probaly the hardest part of this whole experience. i love to eat and so does my metabolism i probaly eat 4 to 5 meals a day on top of eating semi healthy snacks in between all those meals.

  11. Incredible. Did your body enter any extreme shock after? (more then expected at least?) Or was it very similar to unhooking from other suspensions?

  12. Nice suspension.

    Impressive suspension: Hanging 6 Hours is really long 🙂 and I like to read your experience.

    I never did a superman suspension (I did 4pt & 2pt suicide & 4p seated) , but I heard people could “easily” hang several hours. But 6 hours: That’s long. 🙂

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