Tugging the Heartstrings

Pizza? Good. Old school tattoos? Good. Food tattoos? Good. I think we all know how I feel about this piece.

(Tattoo by Brian Level at Mothers Tattoo in Covington, Kentucky.)

17 thoughts on “Tugging the Heartstrings

  1. This tattoo reminds me of the pizza from Doug, where they were in cooking class and bananas fell into Doug and Patties pizza.

    It looks delicious, btw. :3

  2. i saw this in the tat section the other day. loved it then and love it now. I could literally eat pizza every day of my life.

  3. hehe ‘Slice of Life’ is the name of Dexter’s boat :D
    *ponders… “Ohhh, season 4, where be ye”*

    I really like the style of this tattoo!

  4. There’s a pizza place called slice of life in my home town. I wonder if this guy has any affiliation. If he doesn’t, I bet he’d get free pizza for life because he had that tattoo.

  5. thats my tattoo. i was just brought to the awareness of this blog and would like to greatly thank brian level the artist at mothers. other info that tattoo is a little over 3 years old now and slice of life was though up at the shop by the artist and i when thinking about what it should say on the banner.
    to there person with the pizza place named slice of life… where are you cause if there isn’t something i love more than pizza it is free pizza

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