Tea Without Sugar

The last time Jeff was featured on ModBlog, it was a handsome shot, but tragically, no mustache. This time? Mustache. I’m not saying one is necessarily better than the other, but … well, yes. The one with the mustache is better. Grow mustaches.

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15 thoughts on “Tea Without Sugar

  1. …I don’t like mustaches…
    I’ll just walk myself to the execution platform then, obviously I am a heretic 😛

  2. Don’t encourage the mustaches! My hubby is currently growing one of those ones you can curl on the ends. :/ Oh the horror! I also prefer this guy mustache-less.. but it’s still a beautiful photo and a beautiful man, regardless. 🙂

  3. When will this plague of emo kids with shitty hair cuts end?!? And mustaches turning into this new trend is the fucking worst thing I’ve ever seen you look like a fucking skinny tattooed pig

  4. Comparing the two pictures, I think that the mustache makes him look more… what’s the word…


  5. I dont like facial hair, so I’d go with definitely no on the mustache. But still very cute.

  6. mustaches really suck for your girl when your making out.
    You know that “glowing” red colour above her lips and on her chin.
    It burns like HELL those…… pickies!

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