Baby, You Are Gonna Miss That Plane

Aww, tongue young love. Here we have Babylovedoll and her fella sharing a tenderish moment at sunset, by the lake, apparently.

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15 thoughts on “Baby, You Are Gonna Miss That Plane

  1. I love it.

    She looks amazing.

    The only thing I’m not a fan of in this picture is the drawn on eyebrows.

  2. first?really?

    they are cute, but I can’t stop imagining them being connected, and not in the Quiddity way…isn’t that the dreadloc kid w/ the buddha chest piece???

    lastly, chola eyebrows rock. not brave enough to pull it off.

  3. 5 – I was just going to comment on that!
    It sort of looks like it’s floating out on the lake, ha

  4. does anybody know the guy’s name? i’m pretty sure its my buddy dom. if not i’d be really surprised but it is a really off picture.

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