Let Bear Grylls Catch You Some Breakfast

Is there a better way to wake up than to a tattoo of Bear Grylls, the manliest Briton since, I don’t know, the Queen Mother, chowing down on some tendons? No. No there is not. And to the inevitable people who will feel the need to pipe up and claim that Man Vs. Wild is faked or exaggerated or what have you, let me just say you are a heartless cockblocker and I hope a meteor shower hits your television. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go eat a live rabbit stuffed inside a live turtle, for protein.

(Tattoo by Dustin at FX Tattoos in Asthabula, Ohio.)

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44 thoughts on “Let Bear Grylls Catch You Some Breakfast

  1. my favourite Bear moment was during an episode in the desert, no water for miles he drank his own urine from a snake skin. :) i like Bear, he shits all over Ray Mears… especially when he strips off.

    i won’t comment on the tattoo, not my cup of tea.

  2. i like bear grylls! man v wild is way more entertaining than survivor man, plus that guy is a prick.
    you can quote me on that.

    and i will like the person above me, not comment on the tattoo.

  3. fuck bear grylls! survivor man might not do the shit bear does but that because he does everything by himself, survivor man is a realist, bear is a dumb ass, “o let me jump off a cliff with jagged rocks at the bottom because this might happen to you”, no it wont because a sane person wouldn’t do that. fuck you bear.

  4. survivor man is the true outdoors man. Ive learned way more shit from Les Stroud than Mr. Bear.

    and the tattoo, well, he looks like a mongoloid

  5. And the Emmy goes to….probably not Bear or Les, but more credit given to Les Stroud for his more realistic portrayment of what to do in a survival situation (and having no backup camera crew and first aid folks).

    And…… yeah, no comment on the tattoo itself.

  6. all you kids are crazy. sticking up for les stroud like he would get personally offended by this post. when it comes down to it, surivorman is overall a more realistic yet much more boring portrayal of how to solely survive in one area as you wait for help. man vs wild on the other hand does things to not only test the limit and strength that bear himself possess but how to cover distance and not to waste time.

    blahblahblah, anyway the tattoo is silly and he does look like he’s eating a bloody tampon.

  7. I was going to say a young George Bush. Also, Les ftw. That man carries 60 lbs of camera stuff with him, and does everything alone. Bear never has to deal with loneliness, although I don’t mind a nude Bear jumping into water.

  8. “Test the limit and strength that bear himself possess”? Fucker sleeps in hotels. I’m curious precisely what “ex-SAS” constitutes, other than darning the guys’ socks so they wouldn’t make him eat bugs again. Evidently, he got to like it somewhere.

  9. #19 im an eagle scout, and some of the stuff Les does are flat out wrong, same can be said for bear too.

    Bear is SAS he is former military, he does things in a military fashion.

    Les has little formal skills and is simply an out doors man, he does his in very specific circumstances and takes little risk. bear tasks great personal risks, so i allow that he can sleep in a hotel.

    there, im the new internet authority on bad ass people like bear.

  10. @ #17 (i think) it is meant to be a classic traditional tattoo, realism is not the main objective.

  11. Meh too much focus on bear vs survivor dude. Opinion should be directed towards the tattoo. Anyhow this looks like Adam Sandler eating a regurgitated egg roll.

  12. Hmm. Im gonna say les. although bear is alot more fun to watch. and i thought bush too at first glance. this tattoo would have been way more badass if he was like ripping the head off a bunny rabbit or something.

  13. survivorman is gangsta but i prefer to watch man vs. wild, however preposterous it may be. the episode with the camel was just ridiculous. also that one where he kills a giant porcupine by stepping on it…hahaha. great television. the tattoo looks nothing like him…cute idea though.

  14. bear is a faker. he has his own camera team, where as survivor man does it all himself. bear doesn’t do things right, nor in real time. along with all the shots of him caught with life jackets under his clothes, etc…etc

  15. Bear Grylls drank water from shit and killed a rabbit with a stick.

    What the fuck have you done today ?

  16. You ruined my modblog with terrible tattoos like this.
    Also… bear stole his show from Les.
    Also, you ruined my midblog.

  17. not only is bear grylls a fraudulent, worthless piece of shit, but this is also a horrible tattoo.

  18. it’s done pretty well but the topic sucks.
    bear is a moron. he kills animals, eats a little to show how manly he is. then fucks off. he kills for the fun of it. and it must be nice to be a lone survivor surrounded by people. it doesnt quite work.

  19. yeah. this tattoo doesnt suck at all. sorry that people dont understand traditional, they are just gonna get some realistic dick tattooed on them, and say its art.

    bear grylls wins

  20. I hope Bear Grylls jumps off a waterfall while filming his show and shatters both femurs on the rocks below. Then, maybe, people will realize that you learn only what not to do in a survival situation from him. You do not need to kill an animal every five fucking minutes when you’re lost in the woods.

  21. hahah this is fucking fantastic, funniest tat i’ve sure seen in a while. i don’t understand why people are complaining!

  22. what is he supposed to be eating?
    i also thought this was bush.
    it has been proven he is a faker… eating in a steak house when he should be eating his own excrement.
    tut tut.

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