Goodnight, ModBlog

It’s been a long day, ModBlog, and we think it’s about time to hit the hay and curl up fetus-style like our friend up there, albeit, you know, horizontally. Until the morning.

(Suspension facilitated by Christiane and Havve of Wings of Desire in Oslo, Norway.)

See more in Wings of Desire (Suspension Teams and Bonus Galleries)

7 thoughts on “Goodnight, ModBlog

  1. Christiane and Havve always makes cleans suspensions, full of beautines

    have a good night Jordan!

  2. wonderful pic, hats off to Jordan and the folks who put him up.

    although gotta ask:
    whats up with stealing the name “WINGS OF DESIRE” from Elayne Angel?!?
    did those folks get her blessing or what? if not they might be scumbags.

  3. really who gives a fuck about the name? I’m sure there are many other places and this called “Wings of Desire”. it sounds good and is beautiful. thats really all that matters. We should all just share.

  4. is’nt her studio called RINGS of desire? a good name for a piercing studio, and WINGS OF DESIRE is even a better name for a suspension crew!

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