My Mouth’s Shooting Blanks

And to close out this fine Monday, here we have Sam showing off his chestpiece, which comprises Bayside lyrics, American Steel‘s eighth note and a handsome set of wings to round it all out, done by Vinz Nadeau at Quebec City’s Anim Ink. Take care, ModBloggers, and we’ll see you tomorrow.

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22 thoughts on “My Mouth’s Shooting Blanks

  1. Courtney, that looks like coconut? Though it might also be corks.

    I really like how the wings arch up on his collarbones.

  2. he definitely reminds me of Adam Sandler a little bit. :)

    in a good way, of course.
    I mean, there is no bad way to remind someone of Adam Sandler, is there?

  3. -makes a comment about his nipples-

    I mean…

    He looks so damn happy, it makes me smile.

  4. Rule number one when shooting with a point and shoot camera indoors with a flash. Make sure the flash is on top of the lens not under or you will end up with more hair then you have and less flattering lighting.

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