BME Podcast #1: Allen Falkner Talks Suspension

Holy crap, it worked! Welcome, friends, to the inaugural BME Podcast. Isn’t this exciting? We figured it was time to revive the old BME Radio format and spruce it up a bit with all sorts of Web 2.0 nonsense, and so here we are. As I mention on the show, this is very much still in the experimental stages, so any and all feedback is very much appreciated, both in terms of the sound quality and technical aspects, as well as guests you’d like to hear and topics and issues you’d like to be discussed. If things go well, you could be hearing a whole lot more of my deep and manly timbre.

On today’s podcast, our guest is Allen Falkner, who joins us to discuss the upcoming SusCon he’s organizing, Nevada’s current attempt to ban suspension, the six-hour suspension Chris Glunt just performed, and more. (Also, visit him at Fade Fast for all your tattoo removal needs!)

Stream or download the show below:


Right-click and “Save Target/Link As” to download the .mp3 directly

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Music featured:

Capital H – Global Food Shortage
Drive-By Truckers – Where the Devil Don’t Stay
The Gaslight Anthem – The ’59 Sound

33 thoughts on “BME Podcast #1: Allen Falkner Talks Suspension

  1. Haven’t listened to it yet due to being at work but…I would suggest an actual podcast through iTunes with video/audio rather than .mp3s.
    I’m sure it’s good though…

  2. It’ll definitely be on iTunes soon. We just wanted to make sure it was ready for prime-time first.

  3. I didn’t know about BME radio, but I’m relatively new here (been around a few months). I think this is a great idea; Jordan and Allen did a nice job and made a very interesting podcast. Looking forward to more of the good stuff ;)

  4. It’s not really a podcast without if you don’t create an rss feed. You’ll need one before you can add it to iTunes too, but I don’t think they accept until you have at least three episodes.

  5. seemed like it could flow a bit better, but very interesting, keep it up! Also, the inclusion of The Gaslight Anthem and The Drive By Truckers was a nice touch.

  6. I dont know how it stacks up against other podcasts but Allen’s mic was hard to understand at times other than that i love it

  7. Re: Allen cutting in and out, that is sadly one of the drawbacks of Skype. Again, something that will hopefully improve with time.

  8. I want to hear about implants. It’s so hard to find information, and I understand that you want to keep it out of the wrong hands but I’m curious! Just don’t go heavy into procedural aspects, if you want to keep it out of the DIY’ers hands.

  9. wow i think this turned out great! i could hear both of you guys very well. and i loved allen’s points on suspension as an art form, i completely agree with him there.

  10. From a BME fan standpoint, fantastic podcast. I really enjoyed it, and it’d be great to see this become a regular feature.

    From a professional standpoint, though…I’m an audio engineer, and the lack of post-processing really bugged me. I’d like to see everything (particularly the music vs. voice volume) mixed a little better, and a touch of appropriate equalization and compression would improve voice clarity and consistency dramatically.

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  12. I think it would be great to hear about dermal anchors, especially follow ups with people who have had them for a while now. I keep hearing mixed reviews on them. I myself have 4 and they’ve healed well and been relatively calm aside from the occasional flair up.

  13. #19: (wren)-
    I’m sure if you offered to mix everything up… Jordan would love you.

    Also… Jordan…
    That you know/are a friend of Chuck is very apparent… but the familiarity came across too much. It sounded more like a phone call than an interview… something that we happened to overhear. A little more formal and it seems less “insider club”

  14. Shawn: I certainly wouldn’t mind giving it a shot…Jordan, I guess emailing you via the “email” link at the top of this post would be the best way of getting in touch with you? I’ll do that later tonight unless someone tells me of a better way before then.

  15. I have the bme radio interview on my ipod, I look forward to hearing Allen almost a decade later in another bme interview.

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  17. can’t believe no one has said it yet… I’d LOVE to hear an interview with Brian Decker… Pretty much about ANYTHING!

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