Tale of Two Fishies – Part 1

Continuing with today’s Tattoo Temple marathon, we’ve got what’s Joey Pang is calling “Tale of Two Fishies – Part 1″.  Normally this is the part where I say you’ll see part 2 later on in the day, but it appears that part 2 isn’t finished just yet, so you’ll have to wait a while before you get to see it.  In the meantime you can enjoy part 1.  It’s worth noting that while you don’t see any of Joey’s signature calligraphy in the photo, her tattooing techniques still reflect her ability to transform a tattoo machine into a brush.

On Golden Pond

Here’s another Jackie Rabbit piece to kick off your Wednesday morning.  What I like most about this is that it isn’t a “standard” koi piece.  Instead of the koi being front and center as the primary focus, Jackie has made it part of an elegant scene.  The ripples flowing outward across the pond are a fantastic touch, as is the large negative space on the left side.  The whole design has a flow to it that defies the asymmetrical nature of the image and her color selection is fantastic.  If you’re ever in the Roanoke, VA neighbourhood, stop in and visit Jackie at Star City Tattoo, from what she’s sent into the galleries, you won’t be disappointed.

Fish out of water

I’ve got 4 words for you.  “Joey. Pang. Tattoo. Temple.”  On their own, they’re simply words, but when you put them together, you get brilliance.

She’s been making a splash in Hong Kong for some time now, consistently putting out beautiful pieces of art.  Simply do a search on ModBlog for “Tattoo Temple” and you’ll see what I mean.

A fish of a different colour

As many of you know, every Friday ModBlog features a follow-up post for scarification pieces.  It’s made possible thanks to the contributions of artists, as well as those who have the art on their skin.  What we don’t see a lot of is images of tattoos in progress, sent in alongside the completed tattoo.  Thanks to Hoiers, and his submissions, this week we can show you a piece as it transitions from line work and shading, to a full colour piece.

This koi is by Artjoms Saviljevs from Rigas Tinte in Riga, Latvia.  As you can see in this first image, the majority of the outline is done, as is some of the grey shading.

And here’s what it looks like with a splash of colour added.

You can check out more of the artist’s work in the oriental-style tattoo gallery.

Peace on Your Wings

It’s hard not to be reminded of Keith Alexander’s beautiful koi backpiece when I see works like this, but this project by Aod from Divine Ink Tattoo in Bangkok, Thailand, is a nice variation on a familiar theme. In a lot of ways, actually, the muted colors and general sparseness in the piece pictured above are more to my tastes—this is 15 hours in, though, so we’ll see if it evolves further from here.

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