Fire All Your Guns at Once

Good afternoon, ModBloggers! Here we’ve got a nice cover-up job by Dave Duchene at Live Once Tattoo in North Bay, Ontario. I mean, I don’t know if I personally would have covered up the, um … is that a unicorn giving birth to a tiger, in space? OK, maybe a cover-up was due.

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15 thoughts on “Fire All Your Guns at Once

  1. wow. but… ah… what was the original thing? random scribbling? The original has potential, that could have been one of the ugliest tattoos ever. Very nice job to cover that into a brilliant tattoo

  2. i would have covered that pooting unicorn up, with an awesomer pooting unicorn.

  3. Haha motorcycle work, right up his ally! great work :) Heard you’re moving Dave :( I promised Kerry we will be road triping it to see you in Ottawa so she can finish the list of ink she wants from you lol.

  4. WOw. thats the best piece I’ve ever seen Dave do. not that his other pieces are bad. but thats bad ass.

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