The Thing About My Heart Is … It’s On My Wrist

Thiago sends in this lovely shot of Lorena Velten, sporting a wrist implant by Thiago, in a photo by Naio Rezende. Have a good night, ModBloggers.

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12 thoughts on “The Thing About My Heart Is … It’s On My Wrist

  1. She’s gorgeous and her implant is rad.
    I was thinking she looked like Evan Rachel Wood (when she played in Thirteen, before she fucked Marilyn Manson) but now I’m thinking she has Nikki Reed’s eyeballs. Or maybe I just need to rewatch the movie.
    All white people look alike?

  2. —->#1 thats what we think about you tater.

    is it just me or does it look like its on the top side of her forearm and off center?
    or is it just the light?

  3. nikk, i’m white.
    and it definitely does looks off center. i like it though.

    and does she have her nose pierced? like maybe with a retainer in?

  4. i don’t think it’s off center.
    i mean, when someone gets a tattoo on their forearm and they twist their arm this way, it stretches or distorts a little. i would think an implant would shift a little like this too. i’m sure if here arm were straight out it would look centered.

    i love it!

  5. The implant is hot.
    But what would be even hotter is if Jordan was referencing SuperBad in the title.
    Maybe I just watch that movie far too much.

    “You see, Julz, the funny thing about my back is that it’s located on my cock.”

  6. i didnt read the caption before i looked at this photo so i thought she had zero mods. oops
    anyway, i like that its not centered, intentional or not.

  7. I saw the picture and my head went “….that’s a pretty girl….but where are the mods?”
    Like the implant though ^^

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