This Week in BME

And finally, to celebrate Toronto’s record-breaking heat today, here’s a shot of the lovely clockorange doing her best impression of a palm tree after doing some light dreadlock maintenance.

Kind of a big week around these parts. In case you missed it:

We were cold killin’ unicorns.

Pretty women wore nightmarish animal heads.

We saw the Fnords. (Or did we?)

BME Shop now features 25 percent more penis owls.

The BME Podcast arrived, featuring very special guest Allen Falkner!

A couple of dudes showed off their pussies, what’s the big deal?

And that is that, friends. We’ll be here over the weekend and should have a new article for you at some point, and if all goes well, another podcast early next week. Until then, enjoy Watchmen, give Rampage your love, be safe and, as always, thank you for your continued support of BME.

10 thoughts on “This Week in BME

  1. I remember when modblog posted articles that were actually impressive. I liked it better when the posts where actually something that were interesting and eye catching. Now modblog posts pictures such as this one instead of something that is actually an impressive modification or an achievement in the body modification culture/community.

  2. I take back my comment on the hair, I went to her page and her hair is actually pretty sweet, I think I just don’t like it in this picture haha

  3. 4 – yeah there seems to be a big split in the dreadlock community over wax or no wax.

    If anything use wax to an absolute minimum 🙂

  4. I used wax to start mine of just as I had no idea not to, in all honesty it helped lock them but now I never use it especially not for maintenance.

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