What Would You Do For An Apprenticeship?

Sean Philips is quite the taskmaster:

Mr. Atlanta/Alan, an applicant for an apprenticeship with Sean Philips, got this “What Would Sean Do?” My Little Pony tattoo done by Sean’s wife, Rianne. This type of ass kissing goes a long way.

Mercifully, Alan got the apprenticeship. And a good thing, too, otherwise we might have been hearing about this story on the local news.

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22 thoughts on “What Would You Do For An Apprenticeship?

  1. if this guy continues on to become a really good tattoo artist, he’s going to love sharing the story of this one. hahaha

  2. this makes me smile so hard!!
    hahahaha i love how there is a ‘following’ kinda with all the different kinds :)))
    i’d get one. fer sher.

  3. Wow, what an incredibly stupid thing to do for an apprenticeship. There are people far better than Phillips that would have just said “sure, lets try it” if asked.

    This is one sick, sick fucking scene, man.

  4. its important to have self-respect and not let people do shit to you.
    i hope Alan enjoyed the hell out of the experience and his emploters havent gotten the impression that thry can walk all over him.

  5. Just so we can all be clear, Mr Atlanta ASKED for a “What Would Sean Do?” tattoo, and was even willing to pay to get it done. (Which of course he didn’t have too). It was not something he was told he had to do to get the apprenticeship, although, the ass kissing definitely gave him brownie points!

  6. The What Would Sean Do? revelation is like the freemasons, we don’t ask you to join, you ask us.


  7. It’s a good thing they didn’t modblog the massive gay orgy Sean made him do to get the apprenticeship…seriously…the people flipping this much shit over a tattoo would probably start sending death threats.

  8. Live long WWSD! haha! Riri I still love the My Little Pony and go atlanta for actually getting the pink horse fairy done!! Pretty rad

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