The Spaghetti Monster is a False Prophet

I try to keep abreast of trends and memes and running jokes, and generally I feel like I do a pretty good job of picking up on references and whatnot. But sometimes … sometimes I feel like I’m a long, long way from being in on the joke. This is one of those times.

(Tattoo by Curtis Grace at Kara’s Urban Day Spa in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.)

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21 thoughts on “The Spaghetti Monster is a False Prophet

  1. It’s ridiculously suggestive of a penis, esp. with the things under the wings. But the pigtails and bow throw me the other way…
    I hope someone clues us in on the job. I’m interested!!!

  2. @ JustJen – The “things” under the wings are shoes haha.

    I was thinking phallic symbol at first, but am completely lost at what this tattoo is trying to convey (if anything?). I’m curious to get more info on it.

  3. the joke: this person will have this on them for the rest of their life.


    a heavily tattooed person

  4. But why shoes?!
    A sausage doesn’t have legs (or hair and a bow tie either I suppose), but come on! It doesn’t have legs.


  5. @18: No, you’re right. Sausages haven’t got legs, and we ain’t got ink but we add it, don’t we? Just like there’s shoes added to this awesome sausage!

    @17: I lol’d at your joke! :D

  6. C’sausage?
    This is terrible!!! The tattoo and the placement. Its not flattering at all.
    Wow, this is embarrassing

  7. I really hate it when people call other people’s tattoos ‘embarrassing.’


    YOU don’t have to live with it, so what the hell are you embarrassed about?

    I think it’s cute. And I like the shoes. AND I agree with #3 about the text. :)

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