Septum Piercings: Agony and Ecstasy

I remember getting my septum pierced, several thousand years ago, squirming in my chair the piercing shop, abjectly terrified of the pain that I’d been repeatedly assured I’d endure, surrounded by friends I was convinced were losing massive amounts of respect for me by the second. And then … it was over, and I couldn’t help but smile. It’s hard not to think of that when I see Amelie up there going through a similar experience:

Just the feeling when you arrive to the shop. You sit down, meanwhile he does the preparation … when the butterflies sort of start tumbling in my belly, when he marks out where the piercing will be, when he grabs the forceps and puts it into place and then he grabs the needle and when the word comes:

“And breathe in,” he checks that it will go through right. “And exhale.”

If the adrenaline wasn’t already pumping it EXPLODES and the feeling is ecstatic. No pain — just an amazing feeling which I can’t live without.

(Photos by Underdos.)

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67 thoughts on “Septum Piercings: Agony and Ecstasy

  1. ah I remember getting my septum pierced but it was a 4ga needle and I thought I was going to rip the arms off the chair I was sitting in… good times, good times

  2. awesome!!
    i think the septum piercing is really something special. more so then many other locations.
    maybe its just me, or for people like me. but its a special experience for sure

    its also NOT always painful, i think if its right & with a recipient that is in the right head-space, its COULD be very nice. it was for me. i remember the set-up being way worse then the piercing itself. thats because we used the backside of a 10g (or was it 8g) needle as a recieving tube. not a nice smoothed out professional NRT! haha

  3. when i came in for my septum piercing the desklady said that septums were easy, damn was she terribly wrong, PAIN!

  4. Ah, I know just how it feels!
    Piercing my septum was my first ‘real’ piercing asides from my earlobes, and it was so much more fun than painful. :)

  5. yay! my picture :) amelie did great <3

    i punched my septum at 2g a few weeks ago and it was by far the most painful mod i’ve ever done.

  6. I’d be glad and yet shamefully disappointed to be the first to say she’s gorgeous.
    still working on getting my septum done.

  7. I really hated getting my septum done. And stretching it. And I’m going to hate redoing it with a punch even more.

    Gah. The girl is very pretty though!

  8. What!? That’s me!
    Yeah it was really the most increadibly feeling getting septum done, so much happiness!
    The pictures are great, Jessica always get the feeling right in the picture! <3

  9. Yep, my septum was my favorite by far. It wasn’t nearly as painful as I had expected and it healed surprisingly quickly. Stretching it has been really easy but very painful.

  10. I have a good sized sweet spot, and besides excessive eye watering, I didn’t noticed much pain. Or at least nothing greater than all my other piercings.


  11. When I got my septum it hurt a bit and needle got bent :/. Otherwise it was an easy piercing to heal and looks awesome.
    Pretty girl, wish I had skin like her.

  12. Wow, she is beautiful and the picture quality is immaculate! Good job!
    One thing though, is that practitioner wearing gloves? I must be able to assume then that this was between friends and not a professional?

  13. She’s so pretty! I didn’t even feel my septum…I just heard a kind of popping noise. Stretching it will probably hurt though :(

  14. He is wearing gloves, real gloves thats packed pair by pair, turned someway so that nothing touches the fingers of the glove. 100 % steril.
    Definitly a pro who did it and no friend in the basement. Wouldn’t do it any other way.

  15. When I got my septum done a few years ago, the piercer was doing the piercing freehand and got the 12g needle about halfway through and said “oops it’s kinda crooked” so he backed the needle out and repierced…my nipple didn’t even hurt as much as having my septum stuck twice…

  16. i’ve got my septum two or three weeks ago. And it was painful!!! More than smiley, ears, industrial, nipples or tounge, Much more painful))) But it is healing very well and fasT!

  17. My septum was the least painful piercing that I have ever had done. I seriously didn’t even feel it when he did it just. The healing process didn’t hurt either or even bother me at all. Now my tongue on the other hand I would never ever do that again….EVER.

  18. 19 – Amelie

    Sterile whilst in the packaging, clean once out. So 100% sterile before use

  19. 23. jim
    Yeah I know, tried to explain that to Poppy, just to proove that I’m serious about my piercings.
    I’m very against frinds which pierces each other in a non sterile enviroment..
    Just feels stupid

  20. I suppose I’m one of the unlucky ones who just feels the pain. It hurt to even touch my nose for a while after that, but now it’s great and I can tug on it without the slightly bit of discomfort. So yeah, septum was painful, my tragus was worse, and my nipples hurt the most. D:

  21. I love how her expressions are relaxed and then joyous.
    I remember getting a cold the day after having my septum pierced. That was all sorts of fun. Then trying for a double septum and failing. Then trying again using a dermal punch…and failing. Then stretching up to 0g before losing the jewelry and now pretty much having a permanent hole.
    Ah…septums. ^__^

  22. think my favorite part of having my septum done is when i take the jewelry out or have an eyelet the air transfers almost from nostril to nostril…. I feel like i can breathe better ^-^

  23. I thought my septum was going to hurt like all hell, but my tragus was way more painful. It felt like almost nothing in comparison.

  24. not gonna lie, both times i had mine done it sucked, but it was totally worth it, and i would do it again in a heartbeat. :)
    agony and ecstasy

  25. Out of all my piercing, I think I can honestly say that my septum was the easiest to endure. My boyfriend on the other hand wanted to scream in horror lol.

  26. good thing i saw this, i reached up to touch my own and realised that i’d lost my retainer among my bedclothes.

  27. My septum was a breeze, very glad I got it done. Healing was effortless.Stretchings been easy too. I love it.

  28. Wow. The piercing was done in a sterile environment? How was everyone breathing?

    I guess if you’re that good of a piercer, you don’t need oxygen.

  29. I must concur she’s very pretty.
    I enjoyed getting my septum done, it’s a very weird feeling, albeit enjoyable.
    I also found getting my nasallang done all I felt was my septum being pierced, I was too busy concentrating on it to even notice the nostril piercings.

  30. That was awesome picture quality. My septum piercing was the least painful one yet, much easier than conches, medusa, lip, or nostrils!

  31. LOVE the smile. It made me smile ad she should be proud of her skin because it looks great

  32. I reckon just getting my ears pierced normally hurt more than my septum.
    But it was more painfull than tongue web and smiley and stuff though.

  33. My septum was by far my least painful piercing; no pain at all, just pressure. I was told many stories of blood dripping in to people’s mouths and that never happened either..
    <3 septum piercings.

  34. 36 – ChrisB
    By an sterile enviroment I meant that it’s not in someones kitchen or so, that it’s done right, in a studio.

  35. Getting my septum done was quite easy – stretching it is another story though.
    I like the feeling of stretching the septum though. It’s nice.

  36. My septum is my only facial piercing and it def hurt less than pretty much any of my ear ones. It was just a pinch then watering eyes then over! Then stretching it to 2mm was easy… 2.4mm easy…. 3mm felt like a punch in the nose XD

  37. Pretty pretty pretty
    Pain is meaningless when it’s a way to make you happier, either if getting tattoed, pierced, scarred or suspended
    I’ll get my septum soon, and I’m sure I’ll be as happy as she looks in the last photo

  38. “Pain is meaningless when it’s a way to make you happier, either if getting tattoed, pierced, scarred or suspended”
    Nothing to add. Golden words! I swear!

  39. the pics really make it look like she is enjoying herself on soem level, and that makes it beautiful to me.
    my septum piercing didnt hurt, and stretching was fine up to 6g….man 6g SUCKS!!

  40. Okay, solely from a photographer’s perspective, the first photo is AMAZING. composition, clarity, color, everything. I love it. lol

    photography aside, awesome! septums unite!

  41. i can remember shedding a tear or two. the first time i had it done i sneezed as soon as the needle was on me and thank elvis(god) i went with a well experienced piercer that antisipated it. because of my sensitivity, i jerked the first attempt making the piercing a bit crooked. the second attempt was right as rain, i still shed a tear, what can i say, im a sensitive boy.

  42. first time i got my septum peirce fucker let go of the damn tool and let it hang on my face adn went to grab the needle half way across the room came back and as if everythign magically stayed in its exact placement (as u tell of my sarcasm it did not)

  43. As soon as i had my septum pierced, i sneezed.. needle and all. deffinitly more painful then actually getting poked.

  44. my septum was probably the easiest piercing i’ve had to date. my 8g second lobes were pretty rough.

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  46. Mine sucked for a minute or two, then it was all good. Still have it 14 years later.

  47. Hhaha! I just got my septum done not too long ago. That was severely intense! The clamp that my piercer was using got stuck in my nose, and i just felt my whole face and body going rigid, and i thought i was pulling away. haha It was a lot of pain, but i love it. Those pictures make it seem like it doesnt hurt at all

  48. i’ve been thinking about getting my septum pierced for a while..
    it’s just talking my parents into is the problem. =|
    & i don’t really have a problem with pain, i don’t guess.

  49. I had my septum pierced in miami and i got it done because mu girlfriend got it done.
    it was possibly one of the most pain full piercings ive ever had.
    but i love it. I still have it in.

  50. Convincing parent’s shouldn’t be too hard, you can just flip it up anytime you need to. Out of sight, out of mind. Just had mine done a few months ago, going to start stretching soon.

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