I’ve Got Nothing

If the heartwarming ending of Shaun of the Dead taught us anything (and I know I take the majority of my cues in life from British comedies), it’s that being a zombie isn’t necessarily the worst fate one can expect. Sure, you’re a mindless hell-beast whose soul quest is to feast on the flesh of the living, but at least you get to hang out with your friends and play video games, right? Right? Anybody? Sigh.

(“Ed” from Shaun of the Dead by Kyle A. Scarborough at Precision Body Art in Tulsa, Oklahoma.)

16 thoughts on “I’ve Got Nothing

  1. It’s a pretty good rendition of Ed.
    There’s a TINY something a miss but I can’t put my finger on it.
    I like it though!! I’ve always wanted to get a zombie tattoo but have never built up the courage (fear of a zombie invasion!!)


  2. Just look at the face: it’s vacant, with a hint of sadness. Like a drunk who’s lost a bet.

  3. Woww!!! Great!

    PS: my grandmother says “Yes… looks like a fat and bloody dr.House…disgusting picture”. Din’t mind please. She likes House and don’t likes tattoos.

  4. <3

    As soon as I saw this, before reading the caption & comments, I thought “ED!!!”
    I love Shaun of the Dead…it was really quite brilliant…

    and never saw the resemblance between Ed & House with a few pounds til now lol

  5. dammit #7!!!
    just too slow…but thanks for getting it out there.
    hilarious and absolutely awesome ink idea!!!

    makes me want to chase someone w/ a bit o’ wood!

  6. That is awesome and very nciely done….although at first glance…it doesn’t really look like Ed….but not too hard to come up with that conclusion without help if your a SOTD fan. Just have to look at it for a bit.

  7. yet another awesome color portrait, and great zombie at that.

    who says you gotta be an undead or mindless hell-beast to quest for the flesh of the living?
    id love to tear out the throat of a bunch fuckers with my teeth.

  8. I like it. I feel like the proportion is off a little, I think his face should be a little bit wider. Maybe if his ears were showing a tad bit more. Its still easy to tell its him if you’ve even seen the movie though.
    hehehehehe… “You’ve got red on you.”

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