The Kitchen Sink

“This piece started with the toast at a convention in Amsterdam,” says the wearer, “then we added the lettering. The sparrows came next, then we threw in some umbrellas and background.”

(Elements by Brett Osborne at Overboard Art in Houston, Texas.)

19 thoughts on “The Kitchen Sink

  1. Aren’t those swallows, not sparrows? The split tail, after all.

    Way to not know what kind of bird you got tattooed on you.

  2. I gotta admit, I thought the sparrows were.. flying snails at first. I read the caption, but.. for some reason the flying snails and the flying toast just seemed to compliment each other.

  3. I also thought they were flying snails. I was puzzled for a moment as to where the sparrows were. But in any case, this is a glorious tattoo.

  4. I am bewildered, but delighted. I must also say I think the wings on the toast are magnificently rendered…

  5. Those are definitely swallows, not sparrows…

    And, I’m confused, but it’s done well.

  6. I love the randomness. Oftentimes, I can’t stand randomness because it’s overdone and turns out to simply not be funny – that’s far from the case here. And that’s rare. :]

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