“The Life of a Photographer”

“When i get bored,” Andrew says, “I find weird jewelry or anything else I can find and take really unattractive, boring photos of myself….” Andrew gets his Andy Warhol on, after the jump.

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42 thoughts on ““The Life of a Photographer”

  1. such pretty eyes! I do believe though that the quote is a good example of high self confidence in the form of a fake self-deprecating sentiment (fake in the sense that I personally really doubt that he believes those are unattractive pictures of himself, they look quite well staged really)

  2. I used to do that with a 4g piece and called it the ‘metal mustache’. *lol*

    Also, he totally failed at taking “unattractive” photos.

  3. Haha the last photo surprised me, the shadow on his chest made him appear to have boobies. Excellent

  4. um unattractive…hmm I’m guessing there’s no mirror in his household…very attractive man with gorgeous piercing eyes and I like the jewelery…the first pic is my fav

  5. He is probably the hottest, nay, most exquisite man I have ever seen on this site before.

  6. i just wanna straighten it out in the first two pics. andy warhol was he the artist that did all the block prints of cambell soup cans how do the pics do that? *goes to google andy warhol to see why i’m wrong*

  7. wow if thats unattractive, im a troll thats been beaten with an ugly stick and raped by a jiant poo monster.


  8. “bob”, I imagine it’s the change in contrast/brightness/light intensity in the photos that are Andy Warhol-esque, because I guess they kind of echo the repeated photo in different colour-combos… thing…

  9. Jeez what a beautiful man. I’d rather be with him than David Beckham anyday. He’ll be my screensaver for at least a week.

  10. andy warhol is fucking dead
    jean michelle basquiat killed himself

    andy warhol is fucking dead
    jean michelle basquiat killed himself

    andy warhol is fucking dead
    jean michelle basquiat killed himself

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