“I’m Full of Tricks”

Hey, it’s our old friend Pauly! Been a while since we’ve seen him around these parts, and apparently, he has some sort of fleshy alien creature living on his face, devouring his life force. The harder he tries to pull it off, the larger it grows. These parasitic space monsters have no class whatsoever.

(Sorry for the late start today—again. It’s been a bad week for technology at the Ginsberg residence. I’ll not make a habit of this tomfoolery.)

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21 thoughts on ““I’m Full of Tricks”

  1. Ahhh nothing like a little bit of Pauly to start off my day. He’s always so refreshing

  2. His tongue (seen at this angle) reminds me of the spuds on a potato

    except 10x cooler…

  3. OMG Pauly unstoppable, you are my fucking hero. seriously the guy is true inspiration. i would love to see some other tricks.

  4. At first I thought he had cut off half of his tongue and was holding it to his cheek. It took me a minute to realise that it was actually just peeking out of it…

  5. wow. That was a total mental trip. It took my mind a while to comprehend what was happening in that picture. This is how my mind processed it: “is he peeling a bandaid off his chin, noo, it looks like a chunk of skin but I don’t see scarification and thats one weird chunk of skin. What could it be…

    … ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! tongue!”

  6. At first I was put off, only because my brain couldn’t quite comprehend the picture at first. But then I realized how attractive Pauly is, and I was happy.

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  8. my first thought was “but whose tongue is that?” and then my second thought was “eeep!” i am not one for deep thoughts, evidently.

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